How to Increase Revs in Bowling

by Dan Taylor
Good bowling ball movement is all about hand positioning.

Good bowling ball movement is all about hand positioning. Images

Controlling the number of revolutions - or "revs" - of a bowling ball by adjusting the position of your throwing hand can advance you from just "OK" status to a true master of the game. Increasing the revs can lead to better movement and a better angle of attack on the pins. In fact, it may have a bigger impact on how many pins you knock down than the speed of the ball itself. Just make an adjustment to your hand position to noticeably increase the number of revs on your throw.

Step 1

Hold the ball as you normally would when preparing to throw it.

Step 2

Move your middle finger farther down the ball into the 7 o'clock position for righties or the 5 o'clock position for lefties. This will give the ball more rotation at the point of release.

Step 3

Release the ball so that the thumb is pointing at a 45-degree angle up and to the right (for a right hander) when you throw it.

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