What Is "If You Only Knew" by Francine Pascal About?

by Cathryn Whitehead

"If You Only Knew" is a book enjoyed by young women.

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"If You Only Knew" is a young adult book in the Sweet Valley Senior High series written by Francine Pascal, who developed and wrote the Sweet Valley High series beginning in 1982. "If You Only Knew" was written in 1999 and features identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends as they deal with the drama and turbulation that is part of high school.

Jessica Wakefield

Jessica is the outgoing, impulsive twin with a large crowd of friends and a lot of boys wanting to date her. When another girl spreads rumors about her, she loses her position as cheerleading captain and secludes herself from friends, including Jeremy Aames, a potential boyfriend whom she is certain has heard the rumors and believes them.

Jeremy Aames

Jeremy Aames has fallen on hard times. He has to work and no longer has the time to socialize with teammates from his football team, even after a discouraging loss in a recent game against Sweet Valley High. A coworker constantly gives him grief and Jessica, the girl he is really interested in, seems to be avoiding him.

Elizabeth Wakefield

Elizabeth is normally the studious, responsible twin who habitually covers for her sister. Then she kisses Conner McDermott, the ex-boyfriend of one of her close friends. She can't stop thinking about him even though her friend is determined to win him back, and her twin sister is upset with her when the distraction causes her to forget to fill in for Jessica at work, resulting in the loss of the job.

Conner McDermott

Conner has kissed Elizabeth and can't stop thinking about it. But he knows involvement with her will cause problems for both of them, and he's not sure if it's worth the trouble. Avoiding Elizabeth seems the best idea until he figures it out.

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