Ideas for a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Tag Force 4 Deck

by Matt Scheer

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 4 is a video game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game series. Players combat through duels with custom decks of cards, unlocking new cards and packs, giving their monster cards more experience and finishing the different character story lines that are available to play. When constructing a deck to duel in Tag Force, you want a coherent theme so that the varying cards work together.

Harpie Decks

Harpie decks take advantage of the large amount of theme support offered to the Harpie Lady type cards. The idea of the deck is to overwhelm the opponent with a rush of monsters. Even though each Harpie is relatively weak -- Harpie Girl, for example, only has 500 attack -- the support cards help get these monsters into play quickly. Use Birdface to find Harpie Lady cards whenever it is put into the graveyard or Harpie Hunting Ground, to give each of your Harpies a 200 attack bonus, while also destroying one of your opponent's trap or spell cards.

Ancient Gear Deck

The Ancient Gear deck uses the core Ancient Gear cards to control and lockdown your opponent. The Ancient Gear Beast, for example, prevents your opponent's spell or trap cards from having any effect until after the damage phase. All the Ancient Gear cards have the same ability; plus, they are huge: Ancient Gear Golem is a whopping 3,000 attack and 3,000 defense. Support these control cards with reincarnation and control spells like Block Attack and Confiscation.

Burn Deck

Burn decks try to deal direct damage to your opponent. All players start off with 8,000 life in a duel. When you attack with a 1,000 attack monster, a 500 defense monster the opponent has in the field will block and absorb all of the damage, although the defending monster will die. But if your monster has piercing damage, you will reduce your opponent's life by the difference between your attack and the defending monster's defense. Other options besides monsters with piercing damage are the Reactor monsters and Fire spells that deal direct damage to your opponent.

Bounce Deck

A Bounce deck slows your opponent's progression in the game to a standstill. Every turn players draw cards and play them. If you prevent your opponent from drawing cards, playing them or returning a card in play to an opponent's hand, you effectively paralyze your dueler. Cards like Enervating Mist, which reduces an opponent's hand size, and Trap Dustshoot, which tells you what your opponent has in hand, give you the advantage in these control decks.