Ideas for a Yearbook Signing Party

by Cheryl Munson

A yearbook-signing party is one day of the school year that students from middle school to high school eagerly anticipate. Everybody looks forward to seeing their smiling faces on the pages of the yearbook, and filling up every inch of white space in the book with signatures and well wishes from friends. Make the event more memorable with food, decorations games and surprise prizes so that the party is a hit and well attended.

Food Prep

Make the food interesting and tie it in with picture taking. Instead of just hamburgers, call them smiley burgers. Make eyes with pickles, eyelashes with dabs of mustard and a big smile with a swirl of ketchup. You can do the same with pizza and use shredded cheese for hair, olives for eyes, and rings of pepperoni for the mouth to make a smiley pizza face. Give names to beverages like "Paparazzi Punch" or "Pitcher Perfect Lemonade."


Build on your picture theme with the decorations. Use poster board and markers to create big, oversized frames. Use clear fishing wire to hang the frames from the ceiling so that they look like they are floating. Make blowups of the cover of the yearbook and hang them throughout the room. Make everybody feel like a star. Create giant stars with poster board or foam-core board and fill them with glitter. Add the names of classes or teachers on each star, such as "Ms. Masters Senior English" and "Mr. Smith's History 401" or highlights of the year, such as winning the football championship or taking first place at the science fair.

Crazy-Pen Contest

Have a "Crazy-Pen Contest" to build excitement for the yearbook-signing party. Let students use their imaginations to design pens out of whatever they want, like an artwork contest. Set up a table to display all of the contest entries during the party. Pass out ballots for everyone to write down their vote for the craziest writing pen on display. Give prizes to the first-, second- and third-place winners such as a digital camera, photo printer or picture frames.

Party Favors

Work with local merchants to create party-favor bags for the signing party. Focus on merchants like office-supply stores that sell cameras, photo-printing paper and photography supplies to tie in to the yearbook theme. Get pens personalized with the name of the school, school theme and the date of the signing party to add to the party-favor bag.

Yearbook Picture Page Drawings

Hold a drawing to give out prizes for students on different pages of the yearbook. For example, have the principal pull three slips from a bowl that correspond to pages in the yearbook. Every student who is pictured on the corresponding page will win a prize. Work with owners and operators of venues like movie theaters, arcades and museums for free tickets and passes to give out as prizes.

Internet Postings and In-School Announcements

Make big posters to announce the signing party and place them where everyone can see them, such as the main entryway, display cases and in the lunchroom. Include words to let students know there will be food, contests and prizes. Make announcements on the school's public-address system and television channel -- if you have one -- each week, starting two weeks before the event. Add information about the party on the school's website and social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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