Ideas for Wording a Birthday Invitation with an Art Theme

by Emma Rensch

A party with a theme of appreciating or making art is sure to be memorable to the birthday person and his family and friends. Invite your guests to the art-themed birthday party in a creative way by incorporating the theme into the wording and design of your invitations. From rhyming about art to crafting each card into a work of art, choose any of many ways to emphasize your theme and encourage guests to attend with excitement.


Incorporate art-themed puns into your birthday invitation to make guests laugh and to ensure a high number of RSVPs thanks to your memorable and creative cards. You can make puns based on famous facts about creative authors. For example, you could ask guests to "lend an ear" and listen to details about your Van Gogh-themed party, or you can send out "Remembrandt" cards as a clever reminder for the party.


Write a poem informing guests about the details and theme of your art birthday party. Include information on the date, time and location, all in rhyme. Keep the rhythm of each line consistent by using the same number of syllables in each. Rhyme with common art-themed words, such as "paints" or "brushes," and use artists' names such as "da Vinci." For example: "You're invited to join in the birthday of Quincy An artist whose work would challenge da Vinci So be at his house at a quarter past eight In casual attire and ready to paint."

Artistic Lettering

Make your art-themed birthday party invitation special by adding an artistic element to each card. Make a "C" resemble a moon, or make a "T" look like a palm tree. Your invitations will be a work of art guests will want to pin on their walls. If making an entire card with artistic letters is too time-consuming, consider writing the name of each guest in this way to save time and add a memorable personal touch. Describing the details of your art-themed party inside the card will give continuity to the artistic elements.

Invitation from an Artist

Draw a cartoon or print out a picture of a famous artist. Van Gogh is easily recognizable, as he can be illustrated with only one ear. Paste or draw an image of this artist on your birthday invitations and include relevant details in a speech bubble above the artist's head. A personal invitation for an art-themed birthday party from a famous artist is sure to capture your guests' attention, allowing you to creatively execute the wording of your invitation while conveying your party's theme in a clever way.


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