Ideas for Throwing a Pirate Party

by Nicole Brown

Little kids and kids-at-heart will always say "aye" to a pirate-themed party. With pirate ships, treasure chests full of gold and jewels, skulls, swords and cannon balls, who wouldn't love a pirate party? Be sure to include all of the suggested elements so you won't be walkin' the plank from disappointed guests.

Swashbuckling Decor

Any good party starts with the right decor. For your next pirate party, cut out a giant cardboard ship to place on the wall, hang red and white flags on it and hang skulls from the ceiling for a creepy touch. Decorate the floor to make it look like a treasure map -- use paper footprints to lead the way to the food, games and the bathroom and mark each spot with a big black 'X.' Line tables with red-and-white striped tablecloths, set out large, dripping candles on top of candelabras or oil lamps like the ones that swing from the ceiling in the depths of a pirate ship and perch a parrot to watch over guests. If you have a sandbox, create a plank with cardboard or plywood and fill the sandbox with golden treasure and creepy-crawlies.

Pirate Food

A pirate party wouldn't be complete without some high seas-inspired food. Start off with appetizers, including cheese and meat slices stabbed with sword picks and cannon ball melon balls made from cantaloupe and watermelon. Create slithering octopus hot dogs by cutting slits halfway up the hot dog to create legs then microwave or boil them until the legs curl up. For drinks serve ice cold mugs of root beer -- the colder the glasses the better because it will create a thick layer of foamy goodness. For dessert and a fun centerpiece, bake a treasure chest cake; bake a sheet cake, cut it in half then fill half of the middle with chocolate coins and other candy to make it look like treasure is spilling out. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting to create the look of wood.

Games and Fun

Create a treasure hunt with clues that lead guests around the house or location of the party. Make the final destination a treasure chest full of goodies such as gold-wrapped chocolates and candy necklaces (for an adult pirate party make the goodies pirate-inspired spirits). Play musical islands or ships just like you would musical chairs. If your party location has a pool, play walk the plank on the pool's diving board by having guests start on one end of the diving board and answer pirate-themed questions -- every time they get a wrong answer they must take one step closer to the edge of the plank.

Don't Forget the Costumes

Get your guests in on the pirate theme by providing pirate accessories that will be making them say "shiver me timbers" in no time. Outfit your guests with black eye patches, red scarfs for their heads or around the neck, fake skull and cross bone tattoos, striped socks and stick-on mustaches. Throw the pirate garb into a wooden treasure chest so guests can pick out their favorite items. If you don't want to provide the garb, include costume ideas in the invitation.

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