Ideas for Throwing a Baby Shower

by Kate Bradley
Make her baby shower a happy, festive occasion among friends.

Make her baby shower a happy, festive occasion among friends.

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Someone special to you is pregnant, and it's time to show her how excited and happy you are for her with a well-planned baby shower. Enlist the help of her other friends to ensure all the decor, activities and guests are exactly what she wants. Start early, plan carefully and be creative to throw a memorable and fun baby shower.

Plan Games

Eating cake and watching the expectant mother open gifts is fun, but games are even better. Plan several games, such as a baby-themed scavenger hunt, "baby bingo" (number the presents and write the numbers in the bingo squares -- guests cover the corresponding number every time the mother opens a gift until someone gets bingo) or a pregnancy trivia game. Buy quality prizes for the winners, such as a candle set, gourmet chocolates or a gift card to a coffee shop.

Make the Refreshments Memorable

You never know what the mom-to-be will crave, so offer a variety of refreshment options. Serve cucumber sandwiches cut into dainty portions. Make a fruit-and-vegetable platter with several kinds of dip. Offer tiny brownies or miniature quesadillas. Commission a diaper- or baby bottle-shaped ice cream cake. Don't forget the small touches -- serve drinks in uncapped baby bottles and leave a "diaper" (folded napkin) that contains a mint at each guest's place. Fill glass bowls with pacifier-shaped fruit-flavored candies and set them throughout your venue for munching.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Choose a theme for your party, such as a little girl's tea party. Set out stuffed animals and serve refreshments on fancy china. Sit at small circular tables. You can also turn the shower venue into a nursery-rhyme wonderland. For example, cut out and paint the shapes of a cow, a cat, a fiddle, the moon, a dog, a dish and a spoon. Tape them to the ceiling to illustrate "Hey Diddle Diddle." If you prefer to go without a theme, blow up dozens of pink and blue balloons. Decorate with pink and blue streamers and oversize teddy bears.

Assemble Goodie Bags

Send the guests home with a cute reminder of the baby shower. Fill empty baby-food jars with pink and blue chocolate candies. Buy a small flowerpot for each guest and personalize it with her name, then plant a flower inside. Give each guest a miniature bath gift set with a sponge, bath salts, shower gel and bubble bath. Check with the mom-to-be to discern guests' individual preferences. For example, a cooking enthusiast might love to receive baby- or pacifier-shaped cookie cutters.

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