Ideas for a Three-Year-Old's Zoo-Themed Birthday Party

by Sky Martin
Your little one will love an animal themed party.

Your little one will love an animal themed party. Images

Although your 3-year-old is young, he has strong preferences on the things he likes and dislikes. If you asked your preschooler about the things he wants to be, the answer may lean toward the wild side of things. Chances are your little one likes zoo animals because they get to be loud, walk on four legs and are as hairy as can be. Bring a zoo animal theme party to life and give your child a party he'll enjoy.


Create invitations for a zoo party by cutting zoo animal shapes out of cardboard or brightly colored cardstock. Use stencil shapes such as monkeys, koalas, hippopotamuses or elephants. On the widest part of the shape write, "Emily is turning 3!" Join us to Celebrate! "Below the greeting, write the name, address, date and time of the party. Give your little one markers, crayons, colored pencils or stickers to decorate the animal shape. Another option is to purchase zoo animal party invitations and fill in the necessary information.


At this age, any type of party decoration is exciting. Hang vibrant streamers like blue, red, green, yellow and orange colored ones on the walls. Hang streamers on the birthday boy's chair. Hang up photos of zoo animals and use stuffed zoo animals for centerpieces. Place large brightly colored balloon bouquets at the entrance and throughout the room. Let some balloons float to the ceiling, as preschoolers enjoy watching them float around. Use a few Mylar balloons shaped like large zoo animals as well.


Although energetic, this bunch doesn't need complicated activities to be entertained. Preschoolers enjoy tossing things, so a bean bag toss game works well for this party. Cut several circles out of a wide piece of sturdy cardboard. Have the 3-years-olds throw tiny animal beanbags through the holes. Winners of the toss get to keep an animal beanbag. Another activity is to give children large poster board and have them draw their own zoo animals. Give guests markers, paints, crayons to use. Or give the kids large sticks of colored chalk to draw zoo animals on the sidewalk or driveway. Hire a face painter to draw zoo animals on the children's faces. A children's entertainer can create balloon animals for the kids.


Preschoolers have vast amounts of energy and they don't like stopping to eat large meals. A menu for this party could include finger foods such as animal crackers, gelatin "jigglers" shaped like zoo animals, French fries, baked potato slices, mini burgers or mini hotdogs. Macaroni and cheese served in animal themed tiny cups also works. Dessert consists of cupcakes with zoo animal decorations or a cake shaped like your child's favorite zoo animal.

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