Ideas for Table Games at an 11 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

by Petra Turnbull

Girls that are 11 years old have a lot of energy, and table games arranged at a birthday party can be a great opportunity to get the guests to settle down for some quiet time. There are a variety of games you can play at a birthday party while sitting around a table, and some can be helpful to break the ice if not all the guests know each other.

Smarties Game

Give each girl two plates and a straw. Pile an equal amount of Smarties on one of the plates of each girl and ask them to move the candy from one plate to another by inhaling deeply through one end of the straw, using the suction on the other end to pick up the tablet. Give the girls five minutes. Whoever moves the most Smarties during that time wins a small prize.

Cotton Ball

Place a cotton or ping pong ball in the middle of the table. Ask the girls to stand or sit around the table as tightly together as they can. The girls then have to move the ball around the table by blowing at it. If the ball should drop off the table, the girl standing or sitting at the place it dropped is out of the game. The last girl standing at the table is the winner.

Apple Bobbing

Place an apple in a bowl with water. Ask the girls to tie back their hair to avoid it getting soaked. Place the bowl in front of the first girl and ask her to hold her hands behind her back. The girl has to try to get a bite out of the apple without using her hands. Give the girl two minutes before moving on to the next girl. If a girl manages to get a bite, give her a small prize.

Truth or Dare

For this game you will need to do some preparation beforehand. Write 50 questions on index cards. Questions can include "Have you ever lied to a teacher and what was it about?" or "What was your most embarrassing moment?" or "What was the worst gift you ever received?" Then write 50 cards with dares, including "Lick your elbow while singing the alphabet," or "Dance crazy with no music" or "Eat a teaspoon of mustard." At the party, place the cards in two piles face down on the table. The birthday girl starts by picking a friend out of the group and asking her a question from the first card. The other girl has to decide whether she wants to answer the question truthfully, or pick a dare. If she picks the dare, she has to take a card from the dare pile on the table and perform the action requested.

Pass the Parcel

Pick a prize and wrap it in several layers of gift wrap. Play some popular music while the girls are sitting around the table. Ask the children to pass the parcel to one another while music plays, but when the music stops, the girl holding the parcel must unwrap one layer. The game continues until a girl unwraps the final layer and holds the prize which she can keep.

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