Ideas for a Swimming Pool Grand Opening Party

by Kyra Sheahan

The opening of a swimming pool is something worth celebrating, especially during the warm weather months when a pool is in desperate need. If a community or public pool is going to open soon, you can welcome its arrival with a swimming pool grand opening party. Such a party gives guests the chance to enjoy themselves in a party atmosphere while getting to try out the pool for the first time.


You want to create a buzz about the swimming pool's grand opening, so sending out invitations to prospective guests is an effective way to circulate the news. Invitations to the community, neighbors or members of a club should be geared towards a pool theme, so you can include language such as, "Come make a splash with us as we celebrate the grand opening." If your area is having a heat wave, you can tell invitees to come cool off in the new pool, and it shouldn't take much convincing to get them there.


Activities are a must at a swimming pool grand opening party. Guests will expect to go swimming, which is a given, but pool games and activities such as pool basketball, volleyball, boogie board races and foam noodle raft races make pool parties more entertaining and exciting for guests. If the activities require any special clothing or paraphernalia such as water wings to be brought to the pool, specify this in the pool party invitations.

Swim Cinema

One idea for a swimming pool grand opening party is to host a swim cinema, where at a particular hour you play a movie that guests can watch while in the pool. You will need to rent a large projector screen and projector to play the movie on a grand scale. Set up a floating raft of popcorn for guests to swim up to and help themselves to while watching the movie, and provide refreshments that are age appropriate.

Themes and Decorations

Enhance the festive ambiance of the grand opening party with a theme and decorations to accompany it. Banners, balloons, paper streamers, pinatas, twinkle lights, tiki torches and luminaries are neutral types of decorations that can accent the outdoor environment and boost the party atmosphere. However, if you are hosting the party with a particular theme, such as Marine Life or Hawaiian Island, the theme can inspire your color scheme and additional decor items. For instance, a Marine Life color scheme may be blue and green, while a Hawaiian Island color scheme could be orange, yellow and pink.

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