Ideas for Spinning Wheel Games

by Kristen Marquette
Play roulette with a spinning wheel.

Play roulette with a spinning wheel.

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Use spinning wheel games for friend or family game nights, school carnivals, trade shows and store promotions. Customize a spinning wheel to suit any game that you devise for your event. Order the spinning wheel from an online manufacturer or construct one yourself out of wood, cardboard or peg board.


Hold a Win-a-Prize spinning wheel game at your school carnival. Win-a-Prize games can be played two different ways. Divide the wheel into different prizes of varying worth. For a children's school carnival, include stuffed animals, pencil boxes and electronics such as an MP3-player. Everyone who spins the wheel wins a prize. Or create a Win-a-Prize game where there is only one winner. Divide the board into different sections and assign each section a number. The player picks a number, spins the wheel and if the arrow lands on her number, she wins.


Make a spinning wheel part of a trivia game during a weekly family or friend game night. Create the trivia questions yourself or use a boxed trivia game. Divide your friends into two teams. Assign each section of the wheel a category such as entertainment, U.S. history, sports or literature. Have each person spin the wheel and answer a question pertaining to the category, or spin the wheel to determine a category and see which team can answer the question first.

Ice Breaker Game

Turn a spinning wheel into an ice breaker game that can used in the classroom, college dormitory or conference room. Write a different question on each section of the wheel. Ask questions such as "What did you do last summer?" "What was the best day of your life?" or "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Divide the people into groups of five or six and have them talk among themselves. Give them access to the questions on the wheel. When time is up, see how well each group truly got to know each other. Each group must spin the wheel and answer a question about one of their teammate. The team that gets the most answers right wins.

Fortune Teller Game

Transform the spinning wheel into a fortune teller for school carnivals or Halloween parties. This game is played just like the Magic 8 Ball game. Write answers on each section of the board, such as yes, no, maybe and ask again later. Players pay a dollar or a certain number of tickets to ask the wheel a yes or no question such as "Will I win the lottery?" or "Will I marry Joey?" A player spins the wheel to get an answer.

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