Ideas for Songs With Scouting Themes

by Chris Brower
Scouting songs share the values and humorous side of scouting.

Scouting songs share the values and humorous side of scouting.

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Songs provide fun entertainment and bring people together. This is especially true in a scout troop. Campouts become more fun and more valuable to the members as skits and songs performed around the campfire. Meetings end stronger when a song is sung to remind members of their scouting values. Whatever the situation, scout songs create pride and togetherness.

Group Song

Scouts benefit from a song about their group. Similar to a school fight song, this creates pride and becomes a fun tradition to sing. This is also a chance for the members to get creative and make their own song. The words and melodies should be simple, fun and also mention the scout group's number, such as Troop 261. Other things it can mention: the hometown, the values of the group, scout motto or slogan or something humorous.


Camping is a big part of scouting and this is where scouting songs are often sung. Thus, songs about camping have scouting themes. One well-known song about camping is "Camp Granada," a funny camping song about a bad experience at camp, something to which all scouts can relate. Camping can be rainy, hot, cold, tiring, full of bugs and more. Singing "Camp Granada" can not only be fun, but also lighten up the mood for unhappy campers. For many scouts, it's a familiar melody, so singing along is easy to do.

Scout Motto, Oath and Slogan

The Boy Scouts have a scout motto, an oath and a slogan. These can be made into songs, which can provide a fun, creative activity for a scout meeting or campout. Patrols can compete to see who comes up with the best song. As well, creating songs for the oath, motto and slogan makes it easier for people to memorize the words to these scouting standards. This is especially helpful for new scouts who haven't completely memorized them yet.


Scouting teaches values, such as leadership, dependability and helping others. Scouts are called on to be leaders in their community. One song that addresses this theme is "Call a Scout," which is sung to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." This song, and others with the theme of scouting values, reinforces the lessons scouts are supposed to take away from their time in scouting.

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