Ideas for Shower Game Prizes

by Rhiana Quick
Offer your guests fun prizes for the shower games.

Offer your guests fun prizes for the shower games.

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A shower is a type of party generally associated with weddings (bridal shower) or new family additions (baby shower). These gatherings often include fun games pertaining to the purpose of the party and offering small prizes to the victors of the games is a nice way to thank your guests for attending and joining you in celebration. Bridal Shower Ideas For You, a bridal website, recommends matching the prizes to the theme or color palate of the shower. Even if you are not working with a large event budget, these prizes can be a small inexpensive tokens or a hand crafted item that can be both sentimental and cost effective.

Baked Goods

Whip up a batch of delicious homemade treats for a tasty, inexpensive and abundant prize for shower games at your next bridal or baby shower. Consider a thematic baked good that will complement the purpose of the party such as baby bottle shaped cookies or cupcakes with the bride's initials monogrammed on top. Make the goodies extra special by putting them in a cute tin or basket or wrapping them in colorful cellophane and ribbon. You can also include the recipe so the recipient will know how to recreate the treat and to ensure they are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Small Potted Plant

Bring a natural feel to your shower prizes by potting small plants or flowers like pansies or geraniums. Customize the miniature clay pots with paints and include the information about what is being celebrated so the prize will be a memento of the shower. Be sure to include care instructions and repotting advice if necessary. recommends using these sweet little planters to double as centerpieces or party favors for all of the guests.


Women are most often the target demographic for a guest list at a bridal or baby shower, so choose a prize such as a small jewelry item that will appeal to women. This is a prize that you could make (think beaded bracelet or simple pair of earrings) or something that could be purchased if you are not crafty. Jewelry is ideal because there are items in nearly any price range, so you can really choose what works best for your event and what will appeal to your guests.

Bath Products

Sweet smelling bath products are a great go-to gift for women of any age. These inexpensive products, such as lotion and body wash, are easy to stock up on and ensure you have enough prizes for all of your shower game winners. Consider putting together a bath basket with a few different products and using it as a grand prize.


Stationary is both a thoughtful and a useful gift that works well as a small prize. Choose something versatile such as thank you notes or blank note cards or stationary with a cute picture or design that could work for a wide variety of recipients. Make the prize look fancier by tying ribbon around the bundle of cards or presenting it in a cute basket with some colored pens.

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