Ideas for a Seven-Year-Old's Halloween Party

by Lanh Ma
A mummy wrap encourages teamwork and creates instant mummies for the party.

A mummy wrap encourages teamwork and creates instant mummies for the party.

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At the age of 7, children love the costumes and excitement of Halloween. Let your child bring some of the fun and excitement home with a Halloween party for him and his friends. Host a Halloween party directly before trick-or-treating or throw it on the weekend before the holiday to give everyone a chance to engage in some early spooky fun. There are plenty of exciting games to help you entertain your young guests.

Make Your Own Costume

For this Halloween party game, make sure that the guests do not come in costume. Instead, gather up old clothes, costume pieces, costume jewelry and props, and let the children come up with their own costumes on the fly. Then ask each child to tell the group what she is dressed as and give a prize to the child with the most creative costume. This gives the children an excellent opportunity to use their imaginations.

Spooky Spider Web

Spider webs are associated with haunted houses and all things spooky, so have your 7-year-olds make a huge one. Arrange the children in a circle and give the end of a ball of gray or white yarn to one of the children. Have that child throw the yarn to another child, and continue throwing until the yarn is stretched in a crazy web over the center of the circle. Get up on a ladder to take a picture to show the children.

Eyeball and Spoon

Buy a package of white ping-pong balls and draw irises and pupils on them. Add a few red lines to the ball to represent veins. Have each child hold the handle of a spoon in his mouth and place a ping-pong ball eyeball on the cup of the spoon. Have the children race from one end of the room to the other. The first child who makes it to the goal without dropping his eyeball once is the winner. This is less messy and more scary than the traditional spoon and egg race.

Mummy Wrapping Game

Pair the 7-year-olds off and tell them that one of them is going to be the mummy and the other is going to wrap the mummy. Hand the wrapper in each pair a roll of toilet paper and let her wrap her partner for between three to five minutes. The pair with the most completely wrapped mummy is the winner and receives a prize.

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