Ideas for a Scary House Party for Teens

by Teresa Dashwood
Images of old houses can inspire ideas for a spooky party.

Images of old houses can inspire ideas for a spooky party.

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Teens love parties, especially scary house parties. At this age, teens can balance the thrill of being scared with having fun. Planning for a scary house party gives as much enjoyment as gathering the materials and setting them up in the house. Use your imagination, gather ideas from other scary houses and enjoy the party!

Research to Discover Party Themes

Party themes determine the scary look of the house. An Egyptian theme would call for mummy decorations and images of Egyptian gods and goddesses. A Gothic theme incorporates Medieval witches, alchemists, sorcerers and gargoyles. Traditional vampire themes usually include dramatic capes, creepy coffins, stakes and fake vampire teeth. Modern vampire themes take their cues from "Twilight" and vampires with sparkly skin. Taking notes while researching the party theme helps to make a decision from a lot of great ideas.

Visuals and Lighting

Visuals and lighting provide vital contributions to a scary house party for teens. Posters, decorations, plates and napkins can bring images of skeletons, witches, monsters, vampires and werewolves. The look of a hallway or room can change instantly by substituting the regular light bulbs with black lights or strings of orange Halloween lights. Create other eerie colors with strings of single color Christmas lights in blue, green, red, amber or purple. Old-fashioned lamps can look scary when all the other lights are out. Experiment with the lighting and visuals to get a creepy effect.


Scary sounds add mystery and apprehension to the party. Many companies make CDs of scary Halloween sounds. Doors squeaking, footsteps pounding, thunder rumbling, ghosts wailing -- all give another dimension to the scary party. Teens may also enjoy spooky music from contemporary musical artists. Some ideas include Michael Jackson's "Thriller" or Ozzy Osborne's "Paranoid." Another way to add music is by setting up TV and computers throughout the house, with scary teen movies playing. "Twilight" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" combine trendy teen stories with catchy music. Films such as "The Mummy" include scary background sounds.


Props make a scary theme real. Full-sized plastic skeletons hung in dark hallways or closets give a good scare to unsuspecting guests. Lots of greenery and ivy tendrils in tree branches can give the illusion of a bayou swamp. Add plastic skulls, shrunken heads and bats to increase the creepiness factor. A fog machine or dry ice lends a foggy, mysterious look to the house. Many toy spiders look real. Hung from the ceiling, they can drop into a guest's hair. A darkened room, lit by a single dim bulb, holds bowls of cold cooked spaghetti and peeled grapes. Dare a guest to keep his eyes closed while he puts his hands into the "brains" and "eyeballs."

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