Ideas for a Sadie's Dance

by Mandi Titus
Sadie Hawkins dances involve girls planning the date.

Sadie Hawkins dances involve girls planning the date.

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Sadie Hawkins Day, first introduced in a "Li'l Abner" comic strip, involves girls inviting the single men of their choice out on a date. Today, the day is typically celebrated with a dance. Though there is no specific date corresponding with Sadie Hawkins, the events in the comic were held in November. Sadie Hawkins dance planners must consider the location and theme of their event, while female guests must come up with a way to ask their date to the dance.

Invitation Ideas

Sadie Hawkins dances traditionally require the girl to invite a boy to the dance and then plan and pay for the evening's activities. Ideas for asking a boy to a Sadie Hawkins dance may include simple activities, such as writing him a note, sending him a text message or just asking him in person. Some Sadie Hawkins dance planners give girls interested in going to the dance a small object, such as a paper heart or silk flower, to present to their prospective date.

Dance Theme

There is no theme requirement for a Sadie Hawkins dance and these dances often feature a different theme each year. One theme that is common for a Sadie Hawkins dance is the hillbilly theme, which pays tribute the the dance's roots. For this theme, guests may dress in country inspired attire and the dance floor can be decorated with hay bales and farm items, such as scarecrows, wheelbarrows and cardboard farm animal cut-outs. Hire a square-dance caller to teach dancers basic square-dance steps and serve simple finger foods.

Dance Location

A high school gym or cafeteria is a common location for high school Sadie Hawkins dances. For a community event or fundraiser, work with local churches or community centers to see if a large room can be donated for the dance. If you are planning a large dance and have money in the budget, many hotels and conference centers have rooms available for rent and often include a set-up dance floor and seating for dance attendees. If you are hosting a hillbilly-themed Sadie Hawkins dance, look into hosting the event at a local farm or barn.

Other Considerations

Before the dance, determine if you will be selling tickets in advance or at the door. As girls must ask their date to a Sadie Hawkins, decide if you will be limiting ticket sales to girls, or if boys will be permitted to buy tickets as well. If planning a Sadie Hawkins for teens, ensure you have enough chaperones and consider hiring security to help out at the event. Book a photographer to help dancers preserve the memory of their special night and ensure you have enough people to clean up the dance area after the event.

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