Ideas for What to Put on Tables at a 32nd Birthday Party

by Daniel Cobalt
Birthday decorations often include more than a cake and balloons.

Birthday decorations often include more than a cake and balloons.

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Creative decorations on a table help set the tone for a party. Applying imagination to selecting a theme helps make turning 32 years old a special event. Preparing the tables with an unusual and entertaining theme gives party members something to talk about and begins the event in a happy way. Options for tables include choosing one decoration for all the tables, different themes for each table or variations on a single theme.

Birth Date

Create a flyer with a list of all the top news, records, movies and other events that occurred on the person's birthday or birth year. Frame or place the list in clear plastic cover. Use sites such as Digital History, NASA and other Internet resources to select important events for the year she was born. Add decorations that relate to the events such as miniature pictures of newly sworn-in presidents or leaders, top-selling book or album covers and Oscar-winning movies. Consider displaying sports-related pictures such as Super Bowl, World Series, Kentucky Derby and Stanley Cup winners for a sports enthusiast.


Demonstrate that 32 years covers a lot of changes by decorating a table with new inventions since the day he was born. Some new inventions or technologies that came into common use from 1980 to 2011, for example, include personal computers, cell phones, digital media, online gaming, Cabbage Patch Kids and the Internet, according to The Great Idea Finder. Easily available decorations include miniature party favors or cake decorations shaped like technologies. Consider pairing some old items with current ones, such as a dial phone with a cell phone, a road map book with a compact disc, a record stack and record player with a small mp3 player and a traditional photo album with a digital album.


Personalize the event using decorations that illustrate the person's achievements and milestones such as birth, graduation from each educational level, religious confirmations, military experience, employment, travel, marriage or children. Table decorations might include copies of her birth and marriage certificates, first driver's license, awards, ribbons or trophies, photos of individual events or a collage of photos representing separate time spans such as by decade.

Personal Interests

Consider using decorations that relate to a particular hobby or interest. Tables might represent one interest each or contain a different theme such as sports items, history representations, travel destinations or science fiction items. Illustrate the changes during the last 32 years for that interest, such as photos of uniforms worn by a favorite team over the years; changes in travel from trips to a grandparent's house to a recent trip to a foreign destination; or learning to walk through marathon participation. Fun pokes at a special interest, such as an avid shoe collector, might include baby shoes and shoes demonstrating the fashion changes over the years. Hobby shops and party supply companies offer inexpensive items for decorating, including miniature robots, race cars, trains, Civil War items and soldiers, space ships and tourist sites, including the Eiffel Tower, pyramids and Big Ben.


Celebrate the cultural background of the person with tables set to honor his nationality or heritage. Nationality-theme decorations include representative items such as flags and national monuments. Help illustrate the flow of time by displaying pictures, charts or news articles about famous people, political leaders, population growth, major historical events and changes in the country during the last 32 years.

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