Ideas for Power Rangers Party Favors

by K.C. Moore
Pack colorful treats into the goodie bags to represent the colors of the Power Rangers.

Pack colorful treats into the goodie bags to represent the colors of the Power Rangers.

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With their colorful costumes and flashy martial arts moves, the Power Rangers are favorite superheroes of little boys and girls everywhere. If the child in your life is celebrating his or her birthday with a Power Ranger party, you can find a variety of party favors that keep with the theme of Power Rangers.

Crafty Favors

Sometimes the best party favors are the ones that the party guests get to customize themselves. Have the party guests create their own Power Ranger masks using construction paper, disposable plates, crafting foam or whatever other child-safe materials you have on hand. Use leftover materials to create matching wrist communicators. Purchase shrinking craft sheets and Power Ranger coloring books so the kids can trace and color their favorite pictures. You can shrink them down to make collectible keychains, magnets or badges. If making keychains, be sure to punch a hole in the item before shrinking in the oven.

Pinata Favors

Stuffing the party favors inside a pinata is a fun way for the party guests to receive their goodies. If you can't find a pinata that looks like a Power Ranger, look for one shaped like a monster or space alien so the kids can pretend to be Power Rangers and beat up on the pinata instead of each other. Buy Power Ranger stickers, temporary tattoos, stationary and pencil toppers to put inside with the usual mix of pinata candy.

Powerful Roleplay Favors

Be careful when selecting role play toys for party favors, as plastic swords and other weapons can encourage kids to fight with one another. Give out squirt guns for a summer party so the kids can pretend they are using Power Blasters without getting hurt. Light-up items such as glow sticks, glow bracelets, toy wands and flashing badges are other safe role play favors that make kids feel like they have super powers.

Colorful Favors

When purchasing party favors, look for items in solid colors that match the suits of the Power Rangers. Most Power Rangers teams feature red, blue, yellow, pink, green and black. If you do a little research before the party and find out which color Power Ranger is each kid's favorite. you can create themed party bags in that color. Plastic toys like whistles, telescopes, compasses and kaleidoscopes can be bought in multiple colors and add to the adventure atmosphere of a Power Rangers party.

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