Ideas for a Pool Cannonball Contest Party

by Jennifer Eblin

When the weather is hot, few things are as irresistible as a swimming pool full of cold, crisp water. Instead of throwing an ordinary swimming pool party, up the excitement factor by hosting a cannonball party. All of the guests take turns jumping off the diving board or a centralized location and doing their best cannonball. Consider different types of cannonball parties, depending on the preference of the birthday boy or girl.

Most Creative

Let the party guests act as the judges and host a most creative cannonball contest. Turn the simple contest into a tournament competition, with two players eliminated each round. You can eliminate one player but picking two will help keep the hurt feelings down and keep kids from feeling like they were singled out. Run multiple rounds and let the kids take turns doing their most creative cannonball into the swimming pool. When the last two players do their cannonball jump, let the other guests pick the winner of the tournament.

Highest Score

Pick three people to serve as "guest judges" for the cannonball contest. Seat the judges at a table near the swimming pool, making sure that they have a clear view of the pool. Use party guests that don't want to take part in the contest or adults that are supervising the party. Give the judges large cards made from sheets of white posterboard with different scores listed on the cards or use whiteboards and erasable markers. Let each player cannonball jump into the pool three times and combine their overall scores. The person with the highest score after several rounds is the winner.

Hit the Mark

Arrange several inflatable pool toys around the front of the swimming pool and place a score on each one. Use lower scores on the closest toys and higher scores on those toys further away. Ask the players to jump into the swimming pool and try to hit one of the toys with their cannonball. Give each player several jumps to hit the toys. Give a prize to the player that gets the most points by hitting the toys.

Pirate Party

Host a cannonball/diving contest at the birthday party. Fill plastic grocery store bags with small toys, plastic coins, black eye patches and other pirate themed items. Toss the bags into the pool, making sure that the bags sink to the bottom. When the players cannonball into the pool, they dive down and grab a bag from the bottom. Anyone that finds a bag gets to keep the contents inside.

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