Ideas for Planning a Little Mermaid Party

by Daniel Francis

When you throw your child a birthday party with the Little Mermaid theme you have many options. You can find many retail party outlets that have prepared mermaid decorations. You can also make plenty of undersea and mermaid decorations for your party room or your yard. With some effort and imagination you can create your own decorations, refreshments and fun.


The Little Mermaid lived under water and longed to be on land. Use blue streamers stretching across the ceiling like waves to give the room the look of being underwater. Cut fish shapes out of construction paper or poster board and hang them on the "ribboned" ceiling to add to the feeling of being under water. Children love balloons and simply by using different shades of blue balloons you've added to your sea decorations. Curled ribbon attached to the balloons make them seem like they, too, are floating in an undersea adventure.

Cake and Kool-Aid

Many specialty bakeries offer cakes just for a mermaid themed party. You can bake your own cake (or cupcakes) and decorate it with blue icing or frosting. Try cutting the cake with a fishing line or dental floss line for effect. It also makes the slicing less messy than using a knife. For beverages make ice in the shapes of fish or other sea creatures. Make blue Kool-Aid and put the fish ice cubes in the drinks so they float on top like at the sea shore.

Melon Crab

Don't forget the Little Mermaid had a friend who was a crab. Salute the little friend by making a melon crab. Peel a cantaloupe. Slice it into two pieces. Use the top half of the cantaloupe in one piece as the crab's face and body. Skewer two red grapes with a toothpick and then stick the toothpicks in the body of the crab for its eyes. Cut the rest of the cantaloupe into crescent shapes for the crab's legs and position them around the body.

Ariel Ariel Flounder Game

You can easily convert the game "Duck Duck Goose" to fit your Little Mermaid themed birthday party. The Little Mermaid's name was Ariel. Her fish friend was named Flounder. Without telling the children they are going to play "Duck Duck Goose," position them in a circle and choose the first player, maybe the birthday boy or girl. Instruct the party goers that they are going to play "Ariel, Ariel Flounder." Reveal to them that it's "Duck Duck Goose" with different names. Let the fun begin!

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