Some Ideas on Places to Go for Birthday Celebrations

by Kate Bradley
Have your party in the park if you need a lot of space.

Have your party in the park if you need a lot of space.

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Where you celebrate your birthday is almost as important as the people you invite. Staying home is always an option, but getting out of the house with your closest friends on your birthday provides excitement and a change of pace for everyone. Whether you want an active, festive celebration or a quiet, low-key gathering, choose a venue that suits your personality and fits your budget.

On the Water

If the weather's nice, look to the water for your birthday and host a pool party. If you don't have pool, ask to use a friend's or use one at a hotel. Hold your birthday party at a water park and play in the water all day. If you live near the coast, try a beach party. Play dance music, grill and enjoy cocktails. Or, head to the nearest lake and rent paddle boats. Paddle to the other side and have a birthday picnic on the water. Bring a rope, tie it to the trees and take turns swinging into the water.


Even grown-ups need to play once in a while. Gather your guests and hold your birthday party at a paintball field. After you're done pelting each other, enjoy drinks and birthday cake. Buy cheap tickets to a pro sports game and have a birthday party in the nosebleed section. Concession food is your refreshments. Make big signs to hold up that say "It's my birthday!" If you're the artsy type, hold your party at a pottery workshop and have your guests make their own clay masterpieces. Or, hold your party at your city's newest restaurant. Some restaurants allow parties to pay a flat rate and sample most of the menu.


Get back to nature on your birthday. Rent a campsite, pack your sleeping bags and head off for an overnight camping birthday party. Build a bonfire and bring your own drinks and snacks. Spend a birthday weekend with your friends at a ranch. Go horseback riding, take nature walks and learn to rope a calf. Or, hold your party at an outdoor music festival or concert. Bring blankets, snacks and drinks and enjoy the music and conversation with your guests.

Other Places

If you love to dance, reserve a section at your favorite club and enjoy the VIP treatment all night long on your birthday. Some clubs even include birthday champagne in the reservation fee. For a bit of variety on your birthday, go to combination restaurant/arcade. Chow down on junk food, then challenge your guests to skee-ball and Dance Dance Revolution. Or, reserve a big table at a comedy club and laugh the night away with your friends while you enjoy birthday drinks and snacks.

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