Ideas for Place Cards for a Park-Themed Party

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Place cards for a park-themed party should represent nature.

Place cards for a park-themed party should represent nature.

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Place cards are used to identify where guests should sit at a party. These cards can also serve as table decorations. At a park-themed party, place cards should represent the outdoors and nature. Place cards can be designed with nature-inspired patterns, created in the shape of trees and leaves or made with flowers and fruit.


Create place cards to represent trees. Paint leaves with craft paint and stamp them onto place cards for a natural look. Cut branches from trees and place them in glass jars filled with water. Attach slips of paper with the guests' names to the branches with a paper clip. Using card stock, cut out and paint tree shapes and add guests' names to them. Tape one end of a piece of cardboard to the backs of the trees so they will stand on the tables. Paint a foam ball green, stick a wooden craft stick in the bottom and hot-glue it inside a small terra-cotta pot filled with dried moss to make a tree. Write guests' names on the wood craft sticks or stick a cardboard place card into the foam ball with a pin.


Flowers make beautiful accents for place cards. Hot-glue artificial daisies to the corner of plain white place cards. Purchase small pots containing flowers. Write the guests' names on the flower pots or on a ribbon tied around the pot. Use sewing pins to cover foam balls with flower buds and pin a place card in the top of the ball. For a simple design, use a computer program to create a place card with a flowering vine or flower border.


For a bird-themed place card, hard-boil and decorate eggs. Use permanent marker to write guests' names on the eggs and place them directly on the table or create nests for the eggs by gluing together twigs or dried lo mein noodles. Fill a purchased or homemade bird nest with Jordan almonds and place a slip of paper with the guest's name in the middle. Using a stencil, cut out bird shapes from card stock. Cut a slit in the bottom of the birds, add guests' names and place them on the edge of water glasses or wine glasses.

Other Nature Ideas

Fruit can act as place cards or place card holders. Cut out leaf shapes from card stock, color them green and punch a hole in the stem of each leaf. Add guests' names and tie the leaves onto the stems of apples using raffia or thin ribbon. Write guests' names directly onto lemons or oranges with a permanent marker for natural table decorations. For another natural look, write guests' names on polished rocks using a permanent marker. Purchase a plastic grass welcome mat, cut it into squares and hot-glue the bottom of a card-stock place card to the grass.

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