Ideas for Party Invitations with Polka Dots

by Ryn Gargulinski
Polka dots and parties go together like ice cream and cake.

Polka dots and parties go together like ice cream and cake.

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Polka dots by their very nature have a playful feeling, and you can feel as if you're at play when you creatively incorporate them into party invitations. Even a basic solid-colored invitation peppered with polka dots can be charming, especially if you include a clever phrase such as "I'll go dotty unless you come to the party."


Polka dots can serve as the background of the invite or you can incorporate them into an overall theme. In either case, they can serve a bigger purpose than just sitting there being dots. Several of the larger dots can contain pertinent party information, such as date, time and location of the party. You can also cut out several polka dots on the cover of your invitation to make a series of holes out of the invitation's front, with colored polka dots showing through from the inside of the card.


Incorporating polka dots into a landscape depicted on an invitation is one idea with several options. Go for a scene depicting a bright blue sky filled with big, fat multicolored dots and a sweet green lawn speckled with medium multicolored dots. Turn the sky's polka dots into balloons by adding a quick knot at the base and a string streaming down from each. Transform the lawn's dots into flowers with petals around the central dot or with stems growing down as the base.

Animals and Insects

Polka dots already cover several animals and insects in nature. Capitalize on this by picking one of them as the central theme of the invitation and coordinating the background and sayings to match. Leopards and jaguars, for instance, are notorious for their spots. Turn them into colorfully polka-dotted cats with an equally colorful polka-dot background. Ladybugs are another instant polka-dot option; give them as many dots as you wish. If leopards and ladybugs are too limiting, keep in mind there's no law against having polka-dot dogs, snakes or rabbits.

Bubbles and Smiley Faces

Bubbles and smiley faces also work with polka dots. The bubbles can burble from a lake, stream, whale spout or anywhere else you think bubbles should burble. Make them stream out of their source and cascade across the card. Keep the smiley faces traditional with bright yellow dots on a black or other dark background and a uniform smile in each. Mix it up a bit by using various colored dots on a dark background and depicting different emotions in each.

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