Ideas for Painting a Ceramic Flowerpot

by Cathy Welch
Ceramic pots are available in many sizes.

Ceramic pots are available in many sizes.

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Glazed or unglazed ceramic flowerpots are inexpensive raw material for a painting project. Painted pots make attractive decorations for any season. Design a pot as a personalized centerpiece for your table, porch or garden. Painted ceramic pots make great containers for gifts or serve as gifts themselves. Paint unglazed pots with acrylic paints. Painting glazed ceramic pots, however, requires specialized ceramic paints or pens.

School Teacher Pot

Paint a ceramic pot with a back-to-school theme to give to your child’s new teacher or as a reminder that the kids are beginning a new school year. Paint the top 1 1/2 inch of the pot’s outside to look like a yellow ruler with 1-inch increments. If your pot is not black to start with, paint the rest of the exterior with black paint to resemble a chalkboard. Paint simple equations and words in a sparse pattern with a liner brush and white paint. Paint two or three 1-inch-diameter apples among the chalkboard drawings to finish this pot. Fill with pencils or candy for a teacher gift.

Snowflake Collector

Paint two snowmen on opposite sides of a dark blue ceramic pot. Add big red cheeks, a wide grin, a carrot nose, two tiny black dots for eyes, and a vest. Place stars and a badge that reads "Snowflake Collector" on one side of the vest front. Paint a sprinkling of white dots in the blue areas of the pot to resemble snowflakes in a night sky. Fill the pot with white chocolate truffles, divinity or a handful of snowflake ornaments.

Candy Corn Server

Start with a white ceramic pot and leave the bottom third as is. Paint the middle third of the pot orange and the top third yellow to emulate the pattern of candy corn. Add a wooden screw hole button painted yellow for a nose and paint on eyes and a mouth. Fill your candy corn pot with candy corn to serve at a party or give as a gift.

Fourth of July Pot

Place a ceramic pot decorated with a Fourth of July motif among the stars and stripes on your porch or patio. Purchase a white ceramic pot and tape vertical sections off with 1-inch painter's tape. Paint the exposed surface of the pot red. The top 1 inch of the pot is painted blue and white stars are stamped or stenciled on the blue ring. Space the stars 1 inch apart. Fill your Fourth of July ceramic pot with peppermint candies, a large candle or miniature American flags.



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