Ideas for a Ninth Birthday Unisex Party

by Christina Schnell
Keep your party simple and gender neutral.

Keep your party simple and gender neutral.

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A child's ninth birthday marks the important transition between childhood and the tween years. While you want your child to invite friends of both genders, an overly feminine or overly masculine birthday party theme can make members of the opposite sex feel unwelcome. Fortunately, by their ninth birthdays, children aren't usually as attached to the once-sacred roles of princess and warrior. Take advantage of your child's flexibility and create an inclusive party atmosphere by choosing a theme that both genders can easily appreciate.

Water Theme

Take the kids to the local pool or lake for a water party. If you're not near a pool, create a water park in your backyard with a plastic-sheet water slide or several extra-large inflatable kiddie pools and sprinklers. Keep the decorations unisex with prints of surfing and splashing children on plates, streamers and balloons. Make sure every child invited is comfortable in the water before arriving at your destination.

Zoo Theme

While 9 may be a bit past the age of enjoying giraffe-print plates, he's not too old for a real giraffe. Take your child and his friends to the zoo for an afternoon and celebrate his birthday in a nearby local park or picnic area. Most zoos offer birthday packages for an additional fee, charging for use of a party space and for providing food and a cake in addition, if you wish. You can save money by bringing your own streamers, plates, food and cake. Choose unisex colors for your decorations such as teal and yellow instead of navy or pink.

Camping Theme

Take your child and her friends day camping at a local nature preserve or scenic park. Pick a location with rivers or streams so the kids can cool off if the weather is warm. End the party with an early evening campfire cookout and serve cake and roasted marshmallows. Bring extra sunscreen and bug repellent, because sunburns and hungry mosquitoes make even the most nature-loving kids miserable.

Rock Wall Theme

Have your child's birthday party at a local rock climbing wall and celebrate afterward with cake and ice cream at a local park or your house. Choose plates, streamers and balloons with climbing tropical frogs or another of the child's favorite animals. Like the zoo or water park, many rock climbing facilities offer birthday party packages on site for a fee.

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