Ideas for a New Year's Party for Early Teens

by Krystal Miller
Scatter noisemakers and hats around the party area for guests.

Scatter noisemakers and hats around the party area for guests.

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Help young teens ready to ring in the New Year prepare an entertaining party they will remember for months to come. The teens will enjoy wearing party hats, making crafts and playing New Year's-themed games in a safe environment. Award party favors, such as New Year's-themed noisemakers, party hats, sunglasses and beads, to all guests to take home as mementos.


Younger teenagers will enjoy making their own party invitations to hand out to guests. For a basic invitation, purchase New Year's invitations from a local party supply store and have the teen add the party details. Tape or glue a noisemaker to the invitation for added decoration. Other invitation ideas include writing the party details on a New Year's party hat or balloon. Inflate a balloon and write the details on the balloon. Deflate the balloon before mailing so invitees must inflate it before reading the details.


Decorate the party area with shimmering bright colors and large New Year's banners. New Year's-themed party decorations, tableware and balloons are available online and at most party supply stores. Place several party hats, noisemakers, champagne glasses (for juice, of course) and party poppers around the party area. Rope off a dance floor indoors or outdoors. Rent or borrow a karaoke machine to place beside the dance floor. Strobe lights also add an interesting effect to a teen's New Year party.


Prepare several activities for the teens to keep them busy until midnight. Place several craft supplies on a table and have the teens make their own noisemakers, confetti balloons and party hats. Entice the teens to do the crafts by awarding prizes for the best, most creative and funniest creations. For another activity, allow teens to make an edible party hat by dipping a waffle cone into melted chocolate. They can place the cone standing up on a plate, pointy side up, and decorate it using a variety of candy sprinkles.

Dance Games

Teens can sometimes think games are too "childish"; however, with careful planning you can prepare games they will enjoy. Host a dance contest for the teens to show off their moves. They can dance individually, in pairs or in groups. The teens can lip-synch and dance to their favorite songs in front of three adult judges. For another idea, select a category such as hip-hop, disco or tango. Have the teens do their best dance moves to the corresponding category. Adult judges can award gift cards to winners to encourage the teens to dance.

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