Ideas for a Military Deployment Party

by Shelly Barclay
Anything cool, refreshing, relaxing or enjoyable is suitable for a deployment party.

Anything cool, refreshing, relaxing or enjoyable is suitable for a deployment party.

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Deployment parties are going-away parties for military personnel. The amount of time they are typically gone ranges from three months to one year, depending on the branch and number of consecutive deployments. While overseas, soldiers will be away from their favorite games, foods and places. They will also be away from their loved ones. Therefore, deployment parties should include as many of these things and people as possible.

Outdoor Parties

Weather permitting, a cookout deployment party, camping party or beach party can include all of the guest of honor's favorite foods, people and games. Make sure to cook and have all of the food available that she will not be able to eat overseas. If she is a joking type, serve her an MRE --- meal ready to eat --- before revealing the feast. Set up any of her favorite outdoor games or even board games if she does not enjoy outdoor sports. It may be tempting to have fireworks or loud festivities. Do not do this if this is not her first deployment. These sounds can be terrifying for veterans.

Sporting Excursions

Many soldiers get enjoyment from activities that mimic military activities, such as hunting and playing paintball games. Take a soldier on a day or weekend trip to go hunting or play paintball prior to his deployment so he can get in some fun and relaxation while saying goodbye to his family. Loved ones who do not hunt or play paintball can stay in a cabin or hotel nearby and have a dinner party with him in the evening.

Ocean, Lake or River Parties

Some ways to incorporate water into a soldier's deployment party are deep sea fishing, kayaking, rafting or canoeing. Soldiers spend time outdoors during deployment, but they almost never get a chance to spend time in the water or fishing, unless it is for survival reasons. Furthermore, many places of deployment do not have recreational bodies of water. Spend the day relaxing on a boat or rafting and then spend the evening at a park or at home eating the soldier's favorite food and saying goodbyes.

Night Out With Friends

Not all soldiers have big families or spouses to involve in a going-away party. For a single soldier who does not have family party obligations, consider doing a pub crawl/night on the town deployment party. However, do not get into fights, be drunk in public or break any civilian or military laws. Soldiers have more responsibilities than civilians and must be especially careful before deployment. To host a night out party that is safe, get a small group of friends together and start at the group's favorite hangout. From there, go to local clubs, bars and theaters. Allow the guest of honor to decide the type of entertainment he wants in his last days before deployment and be sure to arrange transportation with a driver, such as a limousine.

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