Ideas for Men's Wedding Showers

by Rosalind Mohammed
Men's showers can include a sporting event theme that the groom would enjoy.

Men's showers can include a sporting event theme that the groom would enjoy.

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Wedding showers for men are a relatively new concept that offers the groom the opportunity to be celebrated by his closest male friends and family in an event equal in scope to the bridal shower. The event can be casual or formal, depending on the groom's preferences and tastes. A more common and expected time to throw the shower is before the bachelor party. Gifts and games should be welcomed.

Wing Party

A wing party is an excellent choice for a men's shower because it brings everyone to the table to share stories, anecdotes and advice for the pending nuptials in a casual atmosphere that will relax any pre-wedding jitters. A selection of chicken wings with a multitude of specialty sauces should be catered for the event to offer variety. The wing sauce flavors should include classics such as barbecue and honey garlic and specialty choices like tempura fried or blue cheese. French fries, coleslaw, chips, dip and pretzels would all be suitable as side dishes.

Sporting Event

A groom that loves sports would appreciate a shower focused on his favorite sporting event or activity. Golf with a catered lunch at a clubhouse or a game of touch football followed by lunch at the groom's favorite restaurant are simple yet casual sport events that can be planned. A private box rental for the groom's favorite sports team would be a more upscale way to celebrate.


A barbecue at the best man's house or another guest would be a relaxing atmosphere for the groom to hang out with his favorite people. A large selection of meats and vegetables should be purchased for the grill. Side dishes such as coleslaw, french fries, potato salad and fried appetizers will go great with the grilled items. A groom that appreciates the grill and the finesse in cooking meals should find this to be a satisfying men's shower to spend with his best buds.

Poker Night

A poker game with the groom's closest friends can be an amusing way to celebrate before the nuptials. This idea is especially useful for smaller gatherings so that everyone can play poker at once. Replace monetary bets with a combination of dares and drinking shots. Begin with drinking shots and move on to dares with intermittent shots. Dare the groom to streak or sing at the top of his lungs on video as a tribute to his bride for an overall humorous and memorable experience.

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