Ideas for Medicare Birthday Party Invitations

by Rebecca Zadell
Celebrate aging with humor.

Celebrate aging with humor.

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Medicare eligibility is a rite of passage with many emotional connections. Fear of aging is a normal reaction, as are relief regarding ability to afford medical treatment and humor about getting older. Celebrating this event with a Medicare-themed birthday party begins with the invitations. Homemade invitations include writing party information on X-ray images, mock appointment reminder cards, prescription sheets and bottles of candy with invitation labels.


Sample X-rays are available on the Internet and may have boxes for patients' names. You can use these boxes to add the guest of honor's name and party information. If there is no box, use a computer graphics program to add a box with the details or add mailing label stickers. Avoid using actual test results due to the potential for privacy and liability issues.

Appointment Cards

Print mock appointment cards similar to the cards you would receive at a doctor's office. Include the necessary information and mail them out to guests. Use a postcard size if you need to add a map or directions, and list your name or the host's name as the doctor and the guest of honor's name as the patient. Larger sizes can also accommodate graphics such as stethoscopes and birthday cakes.

Prescription Sheets

Use one-quarter of a sheet of paper to make up a mock prescription sheet. Prepare this on the computer so that the location, date and contact numbers are printed, then hand write the rest of the information for added authenticity. Finally, add a map or directions on the back and photocopy one sheet for each guest. Remember, despite doctors' stereotypically bad handwriting, guests must be able to read the invitation!


Prepare "prescription" bottles with an assortment of jelly beans; you will need five to seven types depending on the size of the bottles. Print sheets of prescription labels with the party information and paste them to the bottles to resemble medication from a pharmacy. Add a note with each bottle specifying the use for each jellybean color, such as green for aching joints and yellow for absentmindedness.

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