Ideas for Making a Basement Into a Pool Hall

by Noel Shankel
A pool hall in your basement can supply you with endless fun.

A pool hall in your basement can supply you with endless fun.

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If you love playing pool -- and have a basement that's only collecting dust -- try converting it into a pool hall. The hall should not only feature pool equipment, but decorations that showcase your individual personality. Having a pool hall in your basement can help bring friends and family together.

The Pool Table

The most important aspect of a pool hall is the table itself. You can choose a table with traditional green felt, or change things up with black or red felt, or another color. Make sure to hang a light above the pool table that illuminates the entire table. The light shouldn't be too low, however, to prevent players from knocking their heads or pool cues against it. The size of the table can vary. A professional size pool table may be too large to fit into a basement while still leaving room for other items. Measure your basement to see if a professional size or non-regulation size table will work best.


When changing your basement into a pool hall, don't ignore the non-pool entertainment. Hang a flat screen TV on the wall -- or position a regular TV on a table -- so those waiting to play can enjoy sporting events, commercial TV, movies or whatever you choose to show. Many pool halls also feature darts as a secondary game. Hang a dartboard against the wall, which will again give those waiting to shoot stick something to do. However, make sure the dartboard isn't too close to the table, so pool players don't have to dodge any darts.

The Decor

The decor within your basement should match that of a pool hall. For starters, try placing chairs in the corners of the basement so spectators can sit while watching a game. Add tables on which guests can rest drinks. Hang posters of famous pool players around the room, or choose posters of your favorite sports team to create that pool hall/sports bar feel. To create a more relaxing environment, try placing beanbag chairs around the corners of the room instead of traditional chairs.

The Refreshments

Always have plenty of refreshments on hand within your basement pool hall. Place a mini-fridge against a wall -- or wherever it rests best -- stocked with ice-cold drinks. Serve peanuts, pretzels and other pool hall snack items to keep your guests well energized. You can also purchase -- or make -- a mini-bar area in the corner of the pool hall complete with bar stools.

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