Ideas for Laundry Party Invitations

by Michael Monet
Friends can make even laundry something to anticipate.

Friends can make even laundry something to anticipate.

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Despite how you might feel about laundry, it's a regular and recurring part of life. Why not make a fun time out of this tedious chore and invite your friends over for a laundry party? These parties can be a regular, once-a-month get-together where you and a team of friends switch houses and washing machines each time. To set the tone for your laundry party, make attractive and humorous laundry party invitations.

Clothes Stencils

For the backdrop of your laundry party invitation, draw and cut out stencils shaped like articles of clothing. Create stencils for pants, skirts, blouses, socks, bras and underwear. Trace the shape, then cut it out and use it to trace the same shape depending on how many cards you'll make. Ensure that the size of the stencil is big enough to write your invitation message. Use thick, colorful construction paper or card stock for a professional, fun look.


Decorate your clothes cards with fun items that remind you of doing laundry. Possibilities include clothespins, dryer sheets and blue glitter to represent soap and water. At scrapbooking stores you may be able to find stickers, stamps and other art supplies picturing laundry items to enhance both the card and the envelope. For an easy, elegant design, put a clothespin sticker on each side of the card as if the clothing item were hanging up to dry. Write the body of your message on the inside.

Coin Bag

If you're planning on hosting your party at a self-service laundry, stick a coin bag in each card. Give each guest a few quarters to get started. Decorate coin bags with the guests' names, their favorite colors and other decorative items that will personalize the bag.

Wording Sample

When writing the invitation on the card, make it fun and quirky. For example: "John and Lara Smith invite you to get the first annual laundry party of 2011! Bring your soiled clothes, laundry soap, coin bag and a big smile. Laundry's never been so fun! Food and drinks to follow at the Smiths' home." Include the date, time, location and details of the party, such as whether it's potluck style, B.Y.O.B. or come-in-pajamas.

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