Ideas for a Kids Flip-Flop Party

by Christine Gauvreau
Use colorful flip-flops as decorations, game props and party favors.

Use colorful flip-flops as decorations, game props and party favors.

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Throw an outdoor flip-flop themed party to celebrate the warm weather, or take it indoors when you need to stomp out the cold weather blues. Whatever the season, these colorful sandals inspire festive decor, games and activities. From the invitations to the cake, kids will flip over the creative ways you work this footwear into your party theme.


Create your own flip-flop invitations from card stock and ribbon. Use a child's flip-flop as a template to trace the outline on the card stock color of your choice. Cut out the flip-flop shape. Punch three holes in the flip-flop; one where the toe strap rests and one on each side where the straps meet the shoe. Cut two lengths of ribbon and feed them through the strap holes. Turn the flip-flop over and glue or knot the ribbon ends to hold them in place. Turn the flip-flop back over and write the party details on the front. Include a note that instructs guests to wear flip-flops.


Create extra flip-flop cut outs when you make the invitations. Instead of writing the party details, use rubber stamps, beads or stickers to decorate the flip-flops. Hang them around the party space, including on the backs of dining chairs. String several together to create a flip-flop hanging garland. Decorate a plastic tablecloth with rubber stamp, flip-flop prints. Allow to dry and drape it over the party table. Cover with a clear plastic table cover to protect food from coming in contact with the ink. Set the table with flip-flop themed plates, napkins and cups purchased from a party supplier. Fill colored balloons with helium. Draw flip-flops on the balloons with colored markers. Gather them into bunches and weigh them down with a pair of flip-flops.

Flip-Flops Craft

When party guests respond to the invitations, find out their shoe sizes so you can stock up on flip-flops for this party activity. Supply the kids each with a pair flip-flops and a variety of decorating supplies. Assist with the glue gun as they embellish their flip-flops with items such as beads, bows, rhinestones, feathers, buttons and strips of fabric. When the flip-flops are complete, allow the glue to dry and send them home as party favors.

Flip-Flops Party Games

Set up a child-size swimming pool in the yard and give each child a single flip-flop to use as a boat. Players set their flip-flops down on one side of the pool and blow on them to make them sail across the water. The first flip-flop to reach the other side of the pool wins. Other flip-flop games to play include hot flip-flop (hot potato with a flip-flop) and flip-flop hopscotch (toss a flip-flop instead of a rock onto the hopscotch board).

Flip-Flops Cake

Design an edible replica of a pair of flip-flops. Bake your favorite cake according to the recipe directions for a 13- by 9-inch pan. Allow the cake to cool and remove it from the pan. Cut the cake in half lengthwise and then carve each half into the shape of a flip-flop. Frost the cakes and assemble strips of fruit leather as the flip-flop straps. Decorate the rest of the flip-flops with colored gel icing, assorted candy pieces and edible embellishments.

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