Ideas for Hosting a Baby Shower Outside

by Barbie Carpenter
Make sure the mom-to-be is comfortable at her outdoor baby shower.

Make sure the mom-to-be is comfortable at her outdoor baby shower.

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If the weather is cooperative, a baby shower in the outdoor air can be refreshing for the mom-to-be and her guests. However, you have to make some special considerations when hosting your event outdoors. Above all, think about the mom's comfort; choose an outdoor baby shower venue only if the weather is moderate. You don't want her to be uncomfortable on her special day.


Deciding where to host your outdoor baby shower is important. You want some privacy for the event, so you probably should not have it in the middle of a public park. You also might want some cover from the elements, whether you face some raindrops or a blazing sun. Consider an outdoor patio at a local restaurant; a pavilion or gazebo in a local park; or your own backyard for the outdoor baby shower.


With an outdoor baby shower, nature serves as an attractive backdrop. So, play up the features of your outdoor space when choosing decorations. If the gazebo the baby shower is going to be in is surrounded by rich pink flowers, then incorporate that color into your decorations, from the linens to the centerpieces. Add a touch of nature to your centerpieces, too: Fill baby bottles with the mom-to-be's favorite flower for a baby-themed centerpiece. Consider putting a tent up in your outdoor space, or include umbrellas over tables to keep everyone shaded from the sun.


An outdoor venue gives you more space, which allows you to expand the activities you include at the baby shower. Rather than cramming a large group into a small living room, you have plenty of room to spread out. Set up a table with scrapbook supplies, and have guests decorate scrapbook pages for the baby's memory book. Or, have them decorate plain white onesies with their own artistic creations. You can even set up different activity stations at the shower in your expansive outdoor space.


Make special menu considerations for your outdoor baby shower. Think about the outdoor temperature when choosing items -- select foods that will hold up well in the weather. For example, you don't want a lot of cold foods if temperatures are soaring into the 80s. Use chilled trays to keep cold food cold and slow cookers to keep hot food hot. If the weather is warm, provide refreshing drinks -- glass jugs of lemonade and sweet tea are attractive and satisfying for guests. Or fill up a punch bowl with your favorite colorful and tasty punch.

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