Ideas for a Homemaker Party

by Lauralee Moss

When throwing a homemaker party, provide tips and activities for making their jobs easier. Provide short presentations or bring in a guest speaker to give tips about all aspects concerning making the home better. Create a relaxed atmosphere with appetizers and fun drinks at your house or at a speaker's business. Hold small games and door prizes. By giving support and new ideas, you will make homemakers' lives easier.

Kitchen Concepts

A homemaker's prime responsibility is to feed the family, making the kitchen her busy hub. For beginner homemakers, host a session about kitchen basics: kitchen tools, proper measurement and knife use. For more experienced homemakers, plan lessons on polishing silver, pairing wines with meats and preparing difficult recipes. If catering the party to advanced homemakers, cover complex kitchen tasks: creating recipes, shaping fruit into bouquets and cake decorating. Send guests home with new potholders, blank recipe cards or cork stoppers.

Hosting Responsibilities

Provide lessons on hosting tips. Cover proper etiquette, such as greeting guests and making them comfortable. Teach basics for appropriate menus, seating charts and invitations. Include plate presentation tips. Ask a party planner to speak and share ideas concerning caterers and party locations. As a parting gift, give printable invitations or a small serving dish.

Cleaning Tips

Homemakers appreciate tips for keeping the house. Have a guest speaker, perhaps a professional house cleaner, give cleaning instructions and tips. Ask her to present information on deep-cleaning individual rooms and then move on to cleaning tips to minimize build-up from daily messes. Other popular topics include green alternatives to cleaning with chemicals.

Organizational Aid

Bring in a professional organizer to highlight proven organizational methods for the house. Without a speaker, ask home-goods store or office store to provide samples of organizational tools. Lay out ideas for families of varying sizes and ages such as calendars, filing system and desk baskets. Another option is for every homemaker to bring the best idea for organizing the home and demonstrate it. During the party, have everyone create a personalized list, detailing where to eliminate clutter when they get home. This allows everyone to brainstorm together and write the most specific list possible.


Taking care of a home is a large job and homemakers feel overwhelmed and tired. Focus on personal needs, such as proper rest, exercise, skin care and dental hygiene. Set up small pampering stations, such as a foot spa or chair with a massage cover. Bring in a hair stylist to demonstrate current styles or a fashion expert to explain dressing for all bodies. Send the homemakers home with small samples and a relaxed demeanor.

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