Ideas for a Hilary Duff Costume

by Christi Aldridge

Hilary Duff is a young starlet who has grown up in the spotlight. Her style is trendy and sophisticated, yet fairly conservative. She mixes classic sexy pieces with edgy and girly items to create a style that is all her own. She may have stolen your heart as "Lizzie McGuire," but Hilary is all grown up now and looks the part. Dress like Hilary and get noticed this Halloween or at any costume party.


Hilary practically lives in skinny jeans, unless she is going to a dressy event. Grab a pair of these to form the foundation of your costume. The jeans can be dark or light wash, but must be figure hugging. Layers are what her look is all about. For a cold winter look, pair a tank top with a cute cardigan sweater or vest. For warmer days, Hilary wears tank tops and maybe a sleeveless sweater vest or patterned vest. If you want to be Hilary when she's out on the town, try a dark-colored sheath dress.


Hilary's favorite shoe seems to be the ankle bootie. These are small boots that usually have a heel. She has been seen wearing these trendy shoes with jeans and with dresses, and they can be just about any color. These seem to be her fallback shoe, but if she's going out in a nice dress, she wears heels. She has been seen wearing nude heels, which go with just about anything, pretty frequently. The heels are fairly high, so if you can manage them without falling, they are a good asset to your Hilary look.


Accessories are where you truly become Hilary. Hilary's trademark accessory is a scarf. It doesn't matter what the weather is doing, Hilary always seems to have a patterned scarf tied around her neck. These look cute with a tank top and jeans or liven up a simple dress. She has said in interviews that she owns hundreds of scarves, and judging from the photos of her online, that must be the truth. Along with the scarves she favors, Hilary loves oversized jewelry. Big earrings, chunky necklaces and cuff bracelets are part of her everyday look. She's also been seen sporting trendy hats, such as the fedora.

Hair and Makeup

Though Hilary has been seen with darker locks, she is a classic California blonde. For your costume, you may want to use a blonde wig to achieve this effect. Hilary has choppy, long bangs that fall to the side of her face and look a little sexy. She typically wears her hair down and flowing, with long layers mixed in. As for makeup, Hilary favors the smoky-eye look. This requires some gold-colored shadow on the lids and brow bone with a dark liner smudged around the eyes. With such a dramatic eye, Hilary's lips are usually soft, and a pink, nude or coral lip gloss sets off this look perfectly.