Ideas for Hawaii Local Bridal Shower Favors

by Sabrina Holley-Williams
Fresh, silk, or non-floral a lei makes a perfect traditional Hawaiian favor.

Fresh, silk, or non-floral a lei makes a perfect traditional Hawaiian favor.

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Whether you are having a bridal shower in Hawaii, or you are having a Hawaiian-themed bridal shower in another part of the country, locally-made Hawaiian favors will add a wonderful authentic tone to your shower. From Items for sipping and savoring, to personal keepsakes, to home decor, there are a variety of options for the perfect local Hawaii bridal shower favors.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are classic favor ideas that can always be locally inspired. Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and Kona coffee are two traditional Hawaiian food items that make tasty favor ideas. Another option is jams and jellies made from local ingredients like pineapple and papaya. Or order wine from the Oeno Winery, complete with personalized labels for your event.


Leis are traditional garlands worn around the neck, which are given as signs of affection or worn in celebration. They are traditionally made from flowers or greenery, but can also be made from shells or seeds, and also silk or plastic flowers or leaves. You can order fresh real flower leis, and they can even be shipped overnight, but for a longer-lasting keepsake, try shell or Kukai nut leis.

Jewelry or Hair Accessories

Locally-made Hawaiian jewelry is another thoughtful gift idea. Silver bracelets handcrafted in Hawaii with local motif designs such as plumeria, bamboo, or sea turtles will be something your guests can treasure for many years to come. Hawaiian fimo clay flower hair picks and barrettes are a fun gift item that guests can wear at the shower, or even to the wedding.

Bath Products

Bath products are traditional shower gifts. Incorporate Hawaii by purchasing products made on the Islands with local ingredients. Island Essence offers a variety of local Hawaiian personal care products, including lotions, aromatherapy oils, body scrubs and butters, shampoos and conditioners. The products are made from traditional Hawaiian ingredients such as coconut, mango, plumeria and pikake blossom.

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