Ideas for a Ground Hog Day Party

by Kent Page McGroarty
Serve brown food, such as a variety of chocolates.

Serve brown food, such as a variety of chocolates.

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Though not nearly as serious of a holiday as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, Groundhog Day is still an excuse to throw a party and hopefully celebrate the end of winter. Encourage guests to wear brown or dress in winter or spring-themed clothing. Play groundhog-inspired games or watch the 1993 comedy classic "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murrey.


Invitation ideas for Groundhog Day parties include those made on card stock in the shape of groundhogs with the party information written on the back. Another option is to print out images of Punksatony Phil on thinner paper to make fold-able invitations with party information written inside the card. Also try sketching your own invitations or asking an artist friend to create invites of a groundhog with spring weather (blooming flowers, sunny skies) on one side and winter weather (bare trees, snow) on the other as an invite with party information on the back.


Mix winter and spring decorations, along with groundhog figurines and images, to decorate an event space for a Groundhog Day party. Use garlands of real or fake flowers and floral arrangements, as well as fake snow, hanging snowflake decorations, snowmen decorations used in yards at Christmastime and other hanging decorations such as paper butterflies. Print and hang images of groundhogs all around the room. Use plush groundhogs, including renditions of Pucksatony Phil and other famous groundhog characters, to accent the decor, too.

Games and Activities

Use small and large plush groundhogs for assorted games including barrel tosses, a groundhog version of "hot potato" and even dodgeball-like games using the larger plush toys. Other ideas for Groundhog Day games and activities include groundhog spring and winter coloring pages for small children, as well as word searches and puzzles. Give children supplies to make paper groundhog masks or puppets; the puppets can be used on Groundhog Day to determine if the groundhog sees his shadow.

Food and Drink

Create a menu for a Groundhog Day party that reflects both winter and spring. Ideas include wintery beverages, such as hot chocolate, hot tea and spiced wine, as well as warmer weather drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, fruity cocktails and frozen drinks. Food ideas include snow cones, fresh fruit and vegetable trays, trays of white cheeses and cakes with white frosting and sugar cookies in both winter- and spring-inspired shapes.

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