Ideas for a Greek-Themed Party

by Alex Smith

Theme parties can be a fun break from the usual boring get-together, and a Greek theme offers a lot of opportunity for creativity. When planning any party, you want to consider the decorations, food, drink, activities and what you plan to wear. A good Greek party should have at least some thought put into all these categories.


A good toga is the standard wardrobe for a Greek-themed party, and they are pretty easy to create. Pick a bed sheet and fold it in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your waist once or twice, then throw it over one shoulder and safety pin the rest back at your waist. Solid colors work best, particularly white, but you can add some humor by breaking out the Spongebob sheets. Add a wreath or laurels or a curly wig to finish the outfit.


When most people think of Greece, the first thing that comes to mind is columns. Get some white butcher paper and cut it into strips. Draw on some fluting with a marker and tape the suckers to the wall. If you really want to show off your knowledge, research Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns and make yours to match. Other decorations that work well are grapevines, bunches of grapes, candles and oil lamps. You can also display small portraits and statues of Zeus, Apollo and other Greek gods.

Food and Drink

Offer appetizers such as feta and olives before the meal begins. For the main course, gyros are very versatile because everyone can choose their own fillings. Local Greek restaurants will supply you with all of the miscellaneous ingredients that you will need. Finish the meal with Baklava, which is a honey-sweetened pastry. For drinks, wine is the name of the game. Have plenty on hand in both white and red options. Consider including mead, which is a honey wine.

Greeky Activities

Hang a backdrop made of a white sheet with columns and grape vines for guests to take pictures with. A trivia contest on different Greek gods, culture and history can be fun for a more intellectual party. For a more rowdy crowd, host a mini Olympics with various activities scaled down for a living room or backyard. Of course, a toga contest will encourage guests to come in full Greekwear.

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