Ideas for a Gem Mine Party

by Sarah Mollman
Revolve your party around gem mining activities and decor.

Revolve your party around gem mining activities and decor.

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Steer clear of the typical party filled with clowns, cake and pinatas. Treat your party guests to a rocking good time with a gem mine party theme. Your friends or family members will be able to engage in a hands-on experience that allows everyone to take home a one-of-a-kind stone.

Visit a Gemstone Mining Sluice

Give your party guests an authentic mining experience with an actual on-site gemstone mining sluice. Arrange for a visit to an outdoor venue that provides this water feature, which cleans off genuine stones that move through it. Your guests will be able to collect gemstones in a tray and sift through it, selecting the most attractive ones worth keeping. During this activity, aim to find real beauties like rubies, peridots, amethysts or other precious stones, depending on what stones are available at the venue you select.

Bring the Mine to Your Party

A variation on holding your party at a mining sluice is using a mining company that offers "party packages" to bring the mining experience right to your home. These party packs can run around $15 per person, depending on the company you select. Activities such as a sapphire scavenger hunt can be set up for guests to find the stones around your home. Packages can include bags full of gravel for guests to search through for fossils or gemstones.


Carry your gem mine theme into the decoration of your party. Top your tables off with clear vases filled with polished stones. If you wish to have floral arrangements, put the stones within the water of these vases with the flowers. You can also scatter various stones such as quartz, agates or amethysts along tables at which guests can socialize or eat. Use a hot-glue gun to attach colorful craft gems to guests' drinking glasses as well.

Geode Opening

Let your party guests take a real crack at the gem mining profession. Give each guest a geode that you preselected, or have each person use a geode found through the gem mining process. The geodes should be in the original, whole state, not broken open. It is up to each guest to open a geode that he can take home. These geodes can be cracked open with the help of a professional and expert tools.

Jewelry Making

Let your guests make a piece of jewelry from a gemstone or fossil they found while mining. Even if you are not able to provide your guests with an actual gem-mining experience, you can purchase stones from a craft or jewelry store to use in jewelry making. Allow guests to make pendants wrapped in wire that can be attached to a necklace, bracelet or even a key chain. Provide beads that guests can string onto the chains for further decoration.

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