Ideas for Fortune Tellers in Fall Festivals

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Fortune-telling booths are popular at fall festivals.

Fortune-telling booths are popular at fall festivals.

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Harvest festivals provide an opportunity for communities to get together in the fall and celebrate the return of cooler weather, the bounty of the harvest and, in some communities, an alternative to Halloween trick-or-treating. Harvest festivals include activities such as apple bobbing, bounce houses, games, food stands and craft shopping. Additional activities could capture a gypsy theme using fortune telling,

Gypsy Fortune Teller

Many associate fortune telling with gypsies. Direct your fortune teller to arrive at the fall festival in a gypsy costume and set up a small tent or canopy with beads hanging across the entryway. She could use a Magic Eight Ball to predict the fortunes of festival attendees. Alternative options include using a darning needle on a string as a pendulum with a mat with phrases such as yes, no, maybe, later, you choose, ask again and too soon to tell or astrology charts.

Chinese Fortune Teller

Many also associate the Chinese with fortune telling, especially through the use of the fortune cookie. Purchase or make your own fortune cookies for your fall festival. The customer chooses and reads his fortune from the cookie. Alternatively, the fortune teller observes the palm or face and head of the customer and provides additional information about his future.

Fortune Telling Kid's Craft

Invite festival attendees to make their own fortune-telling predictions using origami fortune tellers. Provide colorful sheets of square paper and pens at your craft table. Show those who come to the booth how to fold the paper and write applicable phrases on the paper. Encourage your crafters to take turns sharing their fortune tellers with group members.


Some gypsies and psychics use card decks to tell a person's fortune. Whether using a traditional deck of playing cards, tarot cards or a special deck of cards such as "Ask and It is Given" or "Angel Message" cards, you can devise ways to tell the fortunes of your fall festival patrons. Provide a table with an attractive throw cover and small items such as a heart, play money and four-leaf clovers to represent good fortune and blessing.


An old method of fortune telling involves the casting of rune stones. Your fortune teller can use a traditional set of rune stones of make his own. Provide floor cushions for your fall festival attendees and a large white cloth on which to toss the runes. Invite the patron to choose a specific number of runes and throw them on the cloth or lay them out in the order chosen. The fortune teller interprets the runecast. The patron can create a runestone as a keepsake using a small ceramic tile and a marking pen.

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