Ideas for Football-Themed Party Games

by Samantha Kemp
Play a game of football outside before the party begins inside.

Play a game of football outside before the party begins inside.

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After inviting a rowdy group of teenagers or football-loving guests to your home, you have to find appropriate party games to channel their energy in a positive manner. Football, toss games, trivia, relay races and board games offer a diverse group of games to entertain your guests and suck away their energy, which allows you to keep your guests happy and your home safe from their misplaced energy.


The perfect game for your football party, is, of course, football. Have guests divide into two teams to relive the glory of their high school days and release bundled testosterone. Play flag football outside. If outdoor space is not available, clear out a large indoor room such as a basement. Mark chalk or tape lines on the floor for the different yard lines and end zones. Have guests play on their knees to make the game more entertaining and challenging. They will have to throw the ball or crawl it in to score.

Games of Skill

Take the party outside to test your guests' football skill. Compile a number of competitions, including a game in which the players throw the ball inside a hole, make a field goal between two posts and run around cones the fastest. Give a prize to the winner of each challenge.

Relay Race

Have guests divide into teams for a football relay race that takes participants from the beginning of the game to the end. The first team member must run to an area to dress in a football jersey, pads and a helmet. The next player in line must throw a football through a hole. The third player must kick a field goal successfully. The final player will dump a Gatorade container full of water on the other team members to symbolize winning the game.


Have guests make up their own cheers. Give them supplies, such as poster board, cheer outfits and pom poms. Cheers should consist of a chant, choreography and stunts, if possible. Videotape the cheers to relive the fun well after the party.

Musical Chairs

Make a twist on the classic "Musical Chairs" game by using bean bags and coach's chairs. Play football and ESPN music during the game.

Football Pass

Play a classic teen's party game by passing items between players' chins. Pass a foam football between two teammates' chins without dropping the ball. The first team to make it from the front of the line to the end wins the game.

Board Games

Have guests play Pictionary with football terms. Guests divide into teams and take turns drawing different terms, such as "Touchdown," "Referee," "Quarterback," "Safety" and other related terms. Another option is to play charades and act out various clues. For trivia lovers, make your own trivia game with a variety of subjects, such as "History of Football," "Super Bowl Facts" and categories about specific teams. Prepare question-and-answer cards before your guests arrive and mount cards and point values on a foam board.

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