Ideas for a Fishing-Themed Party for a Man

by Kyra Sheahan
Host a fishing-themed party to celebrate your big catch.

Host a fishing-themed party to celebrate your big catch.

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Rather than hosting another fish-fry with your guy crew, take things up a notch by throwing a fishing-themed party ripe with decorations, activities and other party must-haves. Your buddies will appreciate the opportunity to kick back with some games and party food, while being surrounded by a hobby theme that you all enjoy. Use your fishing gear to inspire decoration ideas and keep the ambiance authentic.

Wall Decor

Fishing nets, fishing poles, fishing vests, imitation anchors and real mounts of fish that you caught make ideal wall decor for your fishing-themed party. Hang the fishing nets down the walls or drape them along the ceiling to make a canopy. The fishing poles can stand up straight against the walls while the vests, anchors and mounts accent empty spaces. If you have framed photographs of you or others fishing, this, too, can be used for your wall decor of a fishing-themed party.


If you are throwing a fishing-themed party, you need to serve seafood, of course. Shrimp cocktail appetizers, grilled fish entrees, crab or lobster and a fishing-themed cake for dessert makes for an ideal menu. You can also tie the presentation of the food into the fishing-theme. For instance, serve the shrimp cocktail in small plastic buckets and place the crab and lobster in wooden toy boats at the food station.


Put together game ideas for your fishing-themed party, inspired by the sea. For instance, you can host a crab toss into a large beach bucket, a knot-tying race, play a round of bobbing for gummy worms or see who can gut and clean a fish the fastest.


Set up tables for your guy friends to eat at and decorate them with centerpieces. For a fishing-themed party for a man, some centerpiece ideas might be a pail or glass fish bowl full of sand, clear jars full of fishing flies or scattered fishing lures around the tables. For an evening party, set out tea light candles or lanterns to make the tables glow.

Extra Touches

Keep the fishing-theme alive with store-bought decorations, such as fish-patterned napkins, plates and tablecloths. You can also cover the tables with nets instead of tablecloths to keep the fishing theme authentic.

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