Ideas for a Fear Factor Children's Party

by Kara Bietz
Forget the same old games when you host a

Forget the same old games when you host a "Fear Factor" birthday party.

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While "Fear Factor" is no longer on television, it is still a wildly popular theme for older children's birthday parties. The show consisted of several contestants competing against each other in increasingly more difficult -- and disgusting -- challenges, from sticking their hands into a tank full of snakes to eating live bugs. It is easy to recreate some of these challenges for a child's birthday party -- just be sure your guests aren't squeamish.

Egg Drip

For this challenge, split your party guests into two equal teams. Line the guests up and provide each team with one dozen eggs. At the sound of a whistle, the first person in line must crack one egg into his hands and run across the yard to a waiting cup, where he must then deposit the contents of his hands. He then has to run back to his team and slap hands with the next person in line, who must crack his egg and follow the same directions. The winning team is the one that fills the cup with the most egg yolk.


This game requires some imagination and a bit of pre-planning. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard before the party. The course can include walking through tires, sitting on water balloons, hula hooping or any other activity you can imagine. As guests arrive at the party, ask them to choose a partner for the minefield game. One partner must wear a blindfold while the other partner leads him through the minefield obstacle course. If children wish to do the course twice, have the partners switch roles.

Digging Through Worms

Gather several boxes of spaghetti noodles for this game, as well as a few small items, such as coins, erasers and tiny toys. Cook the spaghetti and allow it to cool. Place the spaghetti and several small items into a large bowl. Provide an answer key for contestants that shows them what items they will be searching for in the spaghetti bowl. Give contestants 20 seconds to find as many small items in the bowl of "worms" as they can. To make the game more challenging, blindfold your party guests.


Split party guests into teams of two for this game. Provide one chair with a stuffed animal on it for each team. Use padlocks and chains to lock the stuffed animal onto the chair. Hide the keys to the padlocks in a bucket full of cooked spaghetti, kitty litter, mud or any other substance. At the sound of a whistle, the teams must rescue their animal from lockdown by digging through the substance and finding the right keys for the padlocks. If your guests are older or more adventurous, try locking up one partner with the padlocks while the other partner finds the keys to release her from lockdown.

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