Ideas for an Elopement Party

by Kristen Marquette, Demand Media

    Elopement can be a spontaneous, romantic way for two people in love to start their lives together. It also saves the couple the often hefty price of having a wedding. However, elopements generally deprive the newlyweds of celebrating the marriage with friends and family. Remedy that by throwing an elopement party.

    Themed Party

    Throw an elopement party with a theme based on the place you eloped. If you eloped in Las Vegas, send out invitations that have a picture of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on the front. Decorate the party venue with neon lights and casino embellishments. Couples who got married at the courthouse could create invitations with gables on the front or a replica of their marriage license, then decorate the party site with columns, justice statues and gables. If you tied the knot in a different country, such as Mexico, the Caribbean or Italy, serve food from that country at your party.

    Backyard Barbecue

    Make your elopement party a causal, laid back event that takes place in your own backyard. Invite all of your friends and family over for hotdogs, burgers, potato chips, watermelon and cake. Have games or crafts prepared to keep kids busy. If you have a pool, tell your guest to bring their swimsuits. If you don't have a backyard, ask a family member or close friend to host the party.

    Dinner Party

    Invite only your closest friends and family over for a dinner party to celebrate your marriage. Hold the dinner party in your home and prepare the meal yourself or host the dinner party at a restaurant. If possible, choose restaurants that correlate to the place you eloped, such as a French restaurant if you married in Paris. Since you have less people at the event, along with a more intimate setting, you will get to spend more time conversing with your guests. Pass around pictures from your elopement so everyone can feel like they where there with you.


    Just because you didn't have a wedding doesn't mean you can't hold an elopement party that resembles a wedding reception. Rent a romantic venue and hire caterers, a photographer and a deejay. Host a formal or informal reception. Dance, wear wedding attire, cut a tiered wedding cake, throw the bouquet, do the garter toss and enjoy the company of your friends and family. To really make your loved ones feel like they are taking part in your marriage celebration, hold a reenactment of your vows at the reception.

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