Ideas for Detective Party Favors & Guest Gifts for Adults

by Emilia Lamberto
Adults can act like kids again, using their imaginations at a detective-themed party.

Adults can act like kids again, using their imaginations at a detective-themed party.

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Mysteries intrigue people, which explains the popularity of detective novels and fantasy shows. But in reality, the unknown can be intimidating. A detective party lets you and your guests dabble in intrigue without fear. Kick up the realism with detective-themed party favors for your guests to enjoy during and after the event.

Apparel and Accessories

When guests arrive, give them a detective badge labeled with their names. Detective hats and false mustaches in the style of Sherlock Holmes contribute to the ambiance and fun. You can hand out small fabric totes to gather "evidence." Dark oversize sunglasses act as a "disguise" for your guests as they "investigate" the crime scene, while hand-held magnifying glasses complete the inspector look.

Useful and Edible Party Favors

During the party, have guests search for evidence such as bags of money (chocolate coins), packs of candy cigarettes or cigars, and other items the "perpetrator" may have left behind. Give each guest a manila envelope to collect smaller pieces of evidence. Larger pieces of evidence can go in the fabric bags provided upon arrival. All evidence collected belongs to the detective who discovered it. You could provide a prize for the detective with the most swag at the end.

Tools and Gadgets

Nifty detective party favors for adults could consist of small, simple gadgets such as handcuffs or a pair of binoculars, or they could be more expensive items such as a hands-free headset for a mobile phone or a self-defense mace gun. Don't forget to give guests a stylish pen and pad to jot down notes for their party "investigation." Novelty gifts such as "invisible spray" can also be fun.

Memorable Party Favors

During the party, have someone take candid photographs of everyone in action. Do it discretely so that the guests do not pose for the photos or appear self-conscious. After the party, edit the images and print them in black and white. Send them to your guests with thank you cards.

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