Ideas for Detective Party Favors for Adults

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Detective parties are an enjoyable way to share a love of mystery.

Detective parties are an enjoyable way to share a love of mystery.

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Detective parties are great fun for adults who love mysteries and mayhem. Choosing related favors to pass out to all guests or to party-game winners is almost as fun as the party itself. Whether you prefer movies or books, plastic toys or novelty T-shirts, detective-themed party favors keep the fun going long after justice and appetizers have been served.

Detective DVDs

The reasonable price of older DVDs makes them an affordable choice to use as party favors. Detective television show series discs or detective movies fit right into your detective party theme. Classic series DVDs like "Dragnet," "Mannix" and "The Rockford Files" will be appreciated rewards for winning party games, and more current features like "The Usual Suspects," "Kiss the Girls" or "The Bone Collector" will have your guests competing with all their might. Wrap the DVD favor in brown paper with the words "Confidential" written in stencil print to keep the favors a mystery.

Private Eye Gear

Toy detective gear can be purchased at nearly any party supply store and is cheap enough to keep all your guests loaded with giveaways. Plastic detective badges, fake moustaches and disguise kits, plastic water pistols, sunglasses (for disguise) and mini-notepads and pencils can be placed in grab bags for each guest so that the evening of mystery and fun is not soon forgotten. Have some thrift store hats and jackets around so that guests can have a disguise contest using some of their newly acquired items.

Detective Comics and Books

Detective comics or "graphic novels" have come a long way since their popularity began in the 1930s, and the guests at your detective party may appreciate both the vintage books and the modern translations. You can use vintage "Detective Comics" cover artwork on your party invitations and decorations, then use modern detective comics as party favors. New release superhero comics like "Batman" feature detectives throughout the storylines, so they would make for appropriate party favors. Treat your guests to some vintage detective comics you can purchase online for a variety of prices. Either way you will provide a colorful party favor that may inspire a new passion in graphic novels for your detective-loving guests. Paperback detective novels are another choice to add variety to your party favors. You can choose from authors like James Patterson or Patricia Cornwell or childhood favorite titles like those from "Nancy Drew" or "The Hardy Boys" series.

Novelty Wear

Whether it's a scarf that resembles crime scene tape or a T-shirt that proclaims "Mystery Addict: Where's the Body," novelty detective-themed gear is available for purchase. Although the price tag is a bit higher than a water gun, a $20 party favor is a thrill for a mystery game winner or detective trivia champ. You can save money by making detective-themed shirts at home with your home printer and iron-on applications or order from an online source for a quick and easy solution to your party favor dilemma.

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