Ideas for How to Decorate a Pillow Case for a Slumber Party

by Sky Martin
A party pillowcase makes a great keepsake long after the party is over.

A party pillowcase makes a great keepsake long after the party is over.

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At some point in time, your daughter will come to you requesting a slumber party with her closest friends. Some must-haves for a slumber party include a group of giggling guests accompanied by their sleeping bags, pizza and ice cream sundaes. Once your guests are well fed, have the girls decorate pillow cases so they have a fun keepsake to take home.


An autograph pillowcase craft is a great craft project. Set a piece of card stock that matches the length and width of the pillow inside the pillowcase. The cardstock will prevent the ink from going through to the other side of the pillowcase. Place a pillowcase on the table. Line the girls up. Have each girl take turns autographing the pillowcase with her first and last name using a fabric marker. Repeat this process until each guest has her own autographed pillowcase.


Visit your local craft shop and purchase stencils that appeal to girls. Some possibilities include polka dots, microphones, music notes, lightning bolts, shooting stars and horoscope signs. Show your preteen or teen guests how to make a design with a stencil so everyone gets a great-looking keepsake. Spray stencil adhesive spray on the back of the stencil so it stays in place. Position the stencil on the pillowcase. Pour a bit of paint onto a paper plate. Dab a sponge brush into the paint and dab the paint on the stencil to fill it. Dab the paint from the edges of the design to the center. Gently remove the stencil and repeat this process to create other designs.

Rubber Stamps

Another way to give a plain pillowcase some personality is with rubber stamps. Invite your daughter to the craft store so she can help you pick out rubber stamps that she thinks will appeal to her friends. Some possibilities include butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, hearts, paw prints and smiley faces. Show the girls how to use a rubber stamp. Use a paintbrush and fabric paint to paint the stamp. Place the wet side of the stamp on the pillowcase and gently press down. Avoid applying too much pressure or rocking the stamp, which can blur the design. Lift the stamp and repeat this technique with other stamps and colors to decorate the pillowcase.

Glitzy Embellishments

Have preteen girls add a touch of glamor to a pillowcase with a few embellishments. Set out rhinestones, strips of lace, sequins and rolls of ribbons in various colors and widths. Give the girls a pair of scissors so they can cut ribbon to the length they like. Hot glue the embellishments to the pillowcases.

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