Ideas to Decorate a Baby Shower Present

by Adrienne Davis
Put some imagination into your gift-wrapping.

Put some imagination into your gift-wrapping.

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The primary focus at a baby shower is the mother-to-be and her impending bundle of joy. But there's no harm in soaking up compliments for just a moment or two when everyone gushes about how imaginative you are when it comes to gift-wrapping. When attending your next baby shower, don't be afraid to let your innovative juices flow. Be as inventive as you can and see how much fun it can be to wrap your baby gift.

Practical Wrapping Paper

Burp cloths, receiving blankets and baby towels make excellent wrapping paper. You'll have to spend for gift wrap anyway, so you might as well put that money to good use. If you are putting together a gift basket as a shower present, another fun idea is to use a new mesh laundry bag rather than a shrink-wrap bag to secure around your basket of goodies. Simply attach a colorful ribbon to draw the top of the bag closed just as you would with a clear shrink bag.

Let the Kids Help

Here's a way to keep your own kids busy and save on wrapping paper at the same time. Cut and flatten some paper bags as much as you can. Provided your kids are old enough, supply them with paints and brushes. Have them paint baby items on the plain side of the paper. You may have to demonstrate first by painting a few sample items to get them going. Rattles, bears and balloons are simple to paint. When the paint is dry, voila! Custom paper that shows you are outrageously creative. You don't have to let anyone know that you had time to paint your nails while your kids did the work for you.

Green Gift Bag

Reusable shopping bags come in a variety of prints and colors and are available at most major stores. Rather than have a paper gift bag go to waste, purchase one or two pretty reusable bags to use instead for your present. For added whimsy, consider closing the top of the bag by using clothespins instead of ribbon.

Finishing Touches

Many people finish wrapping a gift by tying curling ribbon around the gift-wrapped box and finishing up with a fancy big bow on top. And there's nothing wrong with tradition, but why not add a twist (so to speak) by tying a cute rattle, teething ring or adorable little stuffed animal directly into the ribbon. If you select a baby toy that has a loop or circle in it, remove the rattle or toy from the packaging and simply wind some of your curling ribbon through the loop, which will easily draw the toy into the bow. If you select a small stuffed animal that doesn't have anything to attach to, simply tie a separate ribbon around its neck and then use that ribbon for attaching it to the curly bow.

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