Ideas for a Coffee Themed Party

by Christi Aldridge
Share your love of java with a coffee party.

Share your love of java with a coffee party.

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A coffee party is a good excuse to get a group of friends together on a cold day, and get all the people you love hopped up on caffeine and sugar. If you are a coffee connoisseur, then you know there's nothing more enjoyable than sampling different types and flavors of coffee, or even drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. Add some chocolate and you have the makings of a good time.


Think about all those long hours you've spent at coffee houses and what draws you to sit and sip. Emulate a coffee house atmosphere with low music that's not distracting, throw pillows, and tables and chairs that are inviting. Fill small glass vases with coffee beans and stick flowers inside. Burn scented candles and create a mood of relaxation that will enable guests to converse and enjoy themselves. Grab some board games, dominoes and party games like Jenga that guests can play while they hang out and drink their coffee. If you're feeling comical, don an apron and ask guests if they would like a half-caf, decaf soy milk latte that's made extra hot with half a sugar packet.


The sky is the limit when it comes to the coffee you serve. If you have an espresso machine, you can make guests lattes and flavored cappuccinos. If not, brew up several types of coffee such as French Roast, a decaf blend and a mild Breakfast Blend. Set up a table where guests can add flavored syrups and creamers, a variety of milks such as nonfat, whole and soy, and different sugars and sugar substitutes as well as raw sugar. Have stirrers and napkins on hand as well. If there are guests that don't drink coffee, provide tea and juice as well as water. For tea drinkers, don't forget honey and lemons.


Thinking of coffee, one naturally thinks of sweets. Provide something sweet to accompany the coffee you are serving at your party. Think about things that go well with coffee such as chocolate brownies, cookies, muffins and scones. Flavored biscotti, petits fours, coffee cake and pound cake are some other options. Additionally, serve jam, butter and any other accompaniments you may need for your buffet of sweets. Alternately, you can invite guests to bring their favorite sweets and make the coffee party a potluck of sorts. Have cellophane bags on hand so everyone can take something they loved home with them.


No party is complete without a goody bag, even for grownups. Send everyone home with a small sample bag of flavored beans and a biscotti or chocolate dipped spoon. If you're only having a few guests, splurge on coffee mugs for everyone and fill them with chocolate-covered coffee beans or other small candies. Another idea is to give everyone a small gift card to a coffee shop so they can indulge their caffeine habit even further. Tie gift bags up with ribbons to make them seem more special.

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