Ideas for Circus-Themed Party Decorations

by Erin Ringwald

When decorating for circus-themed parties, use the common sights of the circus for inspiration. Circus animals, foods and even the circus tent help convey the theme to your party guests. Making your own decorations takes little time and the result is a party reminiscent of a night under the Big Top.

Circus Train

Create your own circus train using large cardboard boxes. Paint the outside of four cardboard boxes using spray or acrylic paints. Cut out the sides of the boxes to make windows or cut out slats to make bars. Place large stuffed animals into the train cars. Another option is to use large blow up animals, such as elephants, giraffes or monkeys. Or make the animals out of pieces of poster board, decorating them with paint or markers.


Create balloon bouquets for the party venue. Use large, plastic balloons featuring images of clowns or circus animals. Place the circus-themed balloons around the room. Attach solid-colored latex balloons to strings and float them with the plastic balloons. Or tie bunches of balloons to jars filled with candy and place them around the room. Fill the jars with the candy of your choice or use circus peanuts, a marshmallow based candy, for a themed option.

Circus Tent

Throw your party under the Big Top for a themed decoration. You can rent a tent for the party, or make your own tent if you're throwing your party indoors. Use sheets of fabric to create the tent. Attach the fabric to a central point on the ceiling using a hammer and nails, then pull the sheets to the outer walls of the room. Attach the fabric against the top corner, then allow the fabric to drape down the walls. Use a different colored fabric for each piece, create a pattern out of the fabric colors, or use a solid color for all the fabric. Create rings on the floor using three hula hoops or large pieces of rope.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a popular circus treat. Use the candy to create decorations for the party. Purchase cotton candy from party supply stores or rent a cotton candy machine to make your own. Fill clear plastic bags with cotton candy and hang them from strings extended across the top of the room. Fill vases with the spun sugar in different colors to create table decorations. Or leave bowls of cotton candy out as decorations and tasty treats for your guests.

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